Kendall Jenner Hits Kim Kardashian Where It Hurts the Most

Kim KardashianThere is a time for everything, and apparently the time for Kim Kardashian to be considered not as hot as her little sister is ... now! FHM magazine came out with its list of the Sexiest Women in the World, and only two Kardashians made the cut: Kim and Kendall. But shockingly (or not), it's no longer Kim who is considered the fairest Kardashian of them all.

In the new list, Kim ranked #38, which is where she ranked last year. Hey, at least she didn't get dinged for being a year older!

But Kendall Jenner, her 18-year-old half-sister, came in at #31, a full seven places higher than Kim. Ouch!

Well, traditionally, what is considered hot is young and child-free. Other high-ranking women on the list include Mila Kunis, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus. Note that not one of them is in her 30s or a mom! Except Mila, who is 30 and pregnant. She probably got ranked before the news broke.

I totally disagree, of course, that women can't be hot into their 30s and beyond -- and that they can't be total MILFs too. I'm just saying, this is FHM. It makes a bit more sense that a mag like that would elevate an 18-year-old girl over a 33-year-old mom. Not saying it's right.

What's truly upsetting, however, is that the rest got the shaft! Perhaps Kylie is too young, and Kourtney is too mommy, but what about Khloe?!

Ah well, first world problems.

Do you think Kendall is sexier than Kim?


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Dawn Dealmeida

I love khloe.. I think she's more real and down 2 earth then any of them.. Now she lost all kinds of weight and looks great.. Kiwis pretty but Kendall is a younger version but prettier then Kim was at that age by far.. I think Kendall definitely has it over Kim.. khloe tho is the bomb.!!

Avian... AviannasMama

Personally, I would have to say Kim bc the whole looking like a prepubescent boy look that Kendall is rocking isn't sexy in the least to me.

nonmember avatar Victoria Nolasc

Ummm does anyone realize that kendall is not a kardashian. If I were her (and her daddy) I'd be annoyed always being called a damn kardashian. Although I must say I do love khloe and kourtney. Anywho finally someone can tell kim to get off her high horse now, the world and family doesn't revolve around her.

nonmember avatar Akshay

No..., My Kim is so hot and sexy...,

love you kim

nonmember avatar Dani

Kendall is definitely sexier...

nonmember avatar glory

kendall is sexy buh kim is sexier:...#no lies

nonmember avatar Hoyee

No kim is gorgeous she looks exotic and unique and then kendall and kylie kinda just look like rich white girls. Nothing interesting but insanely rich

Roslyn Macarthur



nonmember avatar thetruth

Kendall and khloe should've been the only two on the list kim shouldn't even have been on it. Her face and body plus the personality is all FAKE!! @hoyee if shenisnso exotic why do dozens and dozens of girls look exactly like her without plastic surgery. All makeup and spanx holding her potato sack up

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