Kim Kardashian's Second Baby Might Arrive MUCH Sooner Than We Expected

Kim Kardashian

She'll probably have at least five or six suitcases full of designer duds in tow for her honeymoon, but if Kim Kardashian is hoping to get pregnant right after her wedding, I guess she won't be packing any sort of birth control.

Yep. You heard that right. Supposedly Kim is hoping to conceive baby number two while she and Kanye West are honeymooning. That is definitely convenient considering the types of activities most couples partake in right after getting hitched. 

And while we've always assumed that Kim and Kanye would give Nori a sibling at some point in the future, doesn't it seem a little bit soon for Kim to get knocked up again? North is only 8 months old, and Kim worked her ass off to shed all of her baby weight. Wouldn't it make more sense for her to give it another year or two before putting it all back on again?

Some people do find the idea of a honeymoon baby incredibly fitting and romantic, but Kim and Kanye might be better off enjoying a little time as a newly married couple before adding another child into the equation. Yes, they've already done the baby thing already, so it's not like they're going to be shocked when a newborn enters the picture.

But when you think about it, they really haven't had all that much time together as a couple. They might as well take advantage of the next year or so and soak up every ounce of wedded bliss they can. (That's assuming they last that long, of course.)

Still ... this is Kim and Kanye we're talking about, and once all of the buzz over their wedding dies down, they'll definitely crave something else for people to get all fired up over. I think it's safe to say that exactly no one will be the least bit shocked if Kim does announce she's preggo around three months after May 24.

Do you think Kim and Kanye should wait to have another baby?


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Dawn Dealmeida

Does it really matter.. If they want a baby ow god bless them and good 4 them.. If they wanna wait god bless them and good 4 them.. What does it really matter.. Just leave them the hell alone..

Tabitha Simone

Who cares. Why is every story about her. NO one cares what she is wearing, wheres she at, how big her butt is or that she is having another fake wedding.

cathymk cathymk

Yall like some mean bitches if yall do not like kim kardashian how yall delete then

nonmember avatar Sarah

North is almost a year old (in June) not 8 months old. Perfectly fine time to get pregnant again if she wants. Plus she has access to tons of nannies so we all know she won't be running herself ragged. 😒

ericabb ericabb

Kim had a pretty rough pregnancy with Nori, I'd be surprised if she purposely got pregnant again this soon.

Diane... Diane1223

IF they want to have a baby, that is on them.  As for trying to conceive,again, so early....I got pregnant with #2, when my baby was 7 months...she is now 10 months. 

Lucille Werman

yes, her baby is so cute, another would be a blessing.

Dodie Guzman



Kayt Byers

As long as she doesn't name # 2 South......

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