Peaches Geldof's Death Just Got Even More Hauntingly Tragic

Peaches GeldofTwenty-five-year-old British socialite and model Peaches Geldof died of mysterious causes just a few weeks ago, leaving us heartbroken for her two baby boys and questioning -- could it happen to us? I mean, she was a seemingly healthy 25-year-old mum who absolutely adored her children Astala, 23 months, and Phaedra, nearly 12 months (at the time of her death).

Although police described the scene of her "sudden unexplained" death as "non-suspicious," it's expected to be announced Thursday that the daughter of Sir Bob Geldof died the same way her mother Paula Yates did 14 years ago -- an accidental heroin overdose.

Police didn't find any drug paraphernalia in the country home she shared with husband Tom Cohen where she was found, which raises suspicions that someone removed it before law enforcement was called in. If it was indeed an overdose and the "evidence" was removed -- I can't necessarily blame whoever did it. I wouldn't want my loved one to be immediately dismissed in death because of drugs.

Substance abuse is such a scary, complicated, ongoing thing. We learned that from Philip Seymour Hoffman and Cory Monteith in the last year. No one can know what causes someone to succumb and relapse into something they know is bad for them.

One thing that is especially haunting about Peaches' death is the similarities between it and her mother's. Before her death, she even said she felt like her mom was "living through me all the time because we are just so similar," and the last picture she posted online was of her as a little girl with her mom.

Peaches lost her mom when she was 11 to heroin, while her 4-year-old sister Tiger Lily played nearby, and it's been reported that her own children were home with her when she died.

In her last interview, she said that it was through being a mother to her sons that she was able to come to peace with her memories of her own mom.

I'm not sure I've yet fully made peace with my childhood, but with my mum I have come to terms with everything.

There are so many parallels between us. Now I can understand everything. I think you have to experience hardships and pain yourself to fully understand people who have been through it and also you can never really experience happiness unless you've had that down feeling too.

The way I've been raising them [her sons] is with pure love. I just have a lot of hopes for them, and I hope when they're older they get to have a bit of the youth that I lost out on when I had them. Now I am a mum, I can correct those awful parts of my childhood and it's a really healing process.

Before, I was not at peace with myself about it because I was just traumatised. That's why I was living a chaotic lifestyle. But now I have the kids I can heal the situation. It's so good in every single way, really.

So heartbreaking. I hope that her sons are able to grow up with peace in their hearts for their mom. She was as human and frail as any of us, but she loved them very, very much.

Are you surprised by the suspected cause of death?


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abra819 abra819

Way to go 'Peaches'. Your stupidity and irresponsibility left behind two motherless boys. Zero sympathy for you, heartbreaking sympathy for your babies.

Julia Saenz

blind gossip implied that peaches diet from the scientology cult having her fast, sauna sweat, and work out far beyond the normal limits that any body can handle

Marie207 Marie207

Yes it can happen to you.  Young people have started using herion.  I am so scared for the future.  Herion was always used by older more responsible people back in the day.  They did not overdose often, I guess they knew when to stop.  The younger group dont even know what they are using, let alone when to stop, or better never start.  Back in the day, only a few weird people tried and got hooked on that heavy of a drug.  The youth are doing it now like it is smoking a cigarett or something.  We will loose plenty of young lives if this is the road they will take.bad

Marie207 Marie207

To abra819.   So crule, I hope that a family member of yours never gets addicted to drugs and overdose.  I would expect you to get up at the funeral and express your fellings about how stupid the person was.  It is not smart at all to get on drugs, but you are too crule, inspite a death occcurred here.bowing down

TheSi... TheSilence

Why do you assume drugs? They haven't even mentioned drugs and said there was no sign of drugs but you are still running with the drug rumor.

can_c... can_can21

It's so sad what happend to Paula and Peaches, yet at the same time they knew they were risking it all for one moment of getting high. 

Heather Marie Sisemore

Sorry but what she just did to her boys showed that she did not love them ENOUGH. It is harsh to say but she just did to her boys what her mother did to her. All that pain that traumatized her will now haunt her sons. And that she knows how it feels and made the choice to hurt her children in the same way makes it all worse. The message was that her demons were stronger than her love for her children, in their eyes anyway. I pray her soul is at peace and that her children will not follow in her path.

missm... missmariah76

I dont know if it's about not loving them enough. I think it's more aboutnot loving herself enough to get treatment to live a drug free life for herself and her family.

mompam mompam

I always thought it was drugs. Why else would a healthy young person just die? Is anyone really surprised?

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