Amber Portwood Slams Justin Bieber on Sneak Peek of 'The Maury Show' (VIDEO)

Amber Portwood, Maury PovichAmber Portwood seems to have done a 180 since she went to prison for her drug addiction and anger management issues and pretty much has her life on track. She got clean, she's nurturing her relationship with her daughter Leah, and she's even getting along famously with her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Gary Shirley.

So what the heck is the Teen Mom star doing going on a daytime talk show to talk smack about Justin Bieber? Amber will appear on the May 1 episode of The Maury Show featuring teen girls going down the same path that she was once on. The Biebs was not on set, but he was mentioned.


Amber was there to be a mentor of sorts to some troubled young girls "taking a toxic path in life," according to She got her booty kicked into gear during a 17-month stay in an Indiana prison, where she says she was "working my a** off to get out [early]" from a five-year sentence for failing to complete drug rehab. She did it and even earned her GED! Good job, Amber.

But the reality star needs to be careful about stepping back into that world too soon, even as a mentor. I know she's probably on fire to help others, but with her history of having trouble managing her temper, she might want to stay away from that scene in any capacity.

Because you know who is frustrating? Drug addicts. Nothing is more frustrating than someone making a huge mistake and refusing to help themselves get better. It might be wise to steer clear of that until she's a bit further along in her recovery. On the other hand, it could be beneficial to see how far she's come and steel her resolve to stay sober?

But now for important things, like where does Justin Bieber come in? Maury Povich asked Amber in an interview, "We got young people in Hollywood who are acting a lot like these kids. What do you think of Justin Bieber?"

“He wants attention. The thing about ... I remember being a teenager. I wanted attention, I wasn’t getting it, so I did crazy stuff. Exactly what you guys are doing," she told the other girls. "And that’s what it is. It’s about publicity and it’s about money. That’s all it is."

Well, I have to agree with her there. And a good sign that she's truly healing from drug abuse, that she can own it and recognize the causes behind it. Hopefully she got through even a little bit to those girls.

Do you think a recovering addict should mentor so soon after getting clean?


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