New Kids on the Block Will Make Reality TV Worth Watching Again

Ready to squeal like a tween again? The New Kids on the Block are going to be in our living rooms soon! Well, on the TVs in our living rooms. The point is: It's going to feel a lot like 1988 again because Jordan, Donnie, Danny, Jonathan, and Joey are getting their own reality series next year! Break out your neon T-shirts and stone-washed overalls because this is really happening!


If you have a Facebook account and friends over the age of 28, you've likely heard about the super-popular New Kids on the Block cruises. Uber-fans spend days at sea with the fab five, enjoying their live performances and -- I'm guessing -- stalking them from morning 'til night. Well, some genius decided it would be seriously entertaining to film Blockheads -- that's the term of endearment used to describe crazy NKOTB fans -- while they're on one of these cruises.

And that's how the brilliant show, titled Rock This Boat: New Kids on the Block, came to be!

The eight episodes will be filmed on their June cruise from New York City to Bermuda in the middle of the guys' upcoming summer European tour. You know what this means, right? An announcement should be made shortly about casting, so get your memorabilia together and be ready to wow casting agents with your NKOTB knowledge (and in case an agent happens to be reading this: I was one of 20 people who owned and loved the boys' awful first album -- yeah, the one with "Popsicle" on it -- keep me in mind).

Given the number of female fans the band still has, combined with everyone's sudden love of everything '90s AND the fact that -- hot damn -- these boys (men?) look even better than they did back in the day, I'm going to guess this show will be pretty big. It's going to premiere on TV Guide Channel and will also include a 30-minute casting special. I'm in!

Were you ever a New Kids on the Block fan? Do you think you'll watch their new reality show?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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