Kailyn Lowry Has Some Extreme Views on Feeding Baby Lincoln

kailyn lowryIt's clear that Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry is a natural-minded mama -- some may even call her crunchy. She breastfeeds Lincoln and isn't afraid to post photos on Instagram, she reportedly didn't vaccinate her sons, and she ate her placenta ... in pill form. And now she's making a major statement about exactly what baby Lincoln will be eating ... or rather not eating.

Lincoln is about to be six months old, which is typically the time to start solid food. But Kailyn has other ideas.

"Food before 1 is just for fun," she tweeted. "Delaying solids!" 

Interesting. She's right -- it is mostly for fun but six months is a great time to introduce baby to solids. And it's exactly that -- an introduction not a replacement for the nutrients coming from breast milk since Kailyn is still breastfeeding. (Way to go, Kailyn!) 

There are many reasons to delay solids until at least six months and some babies just aren't ready at that age. And because Kailyn seems like such a hands-on and aware mama, I think it's safe to say that she made this decision based on what she believes to be best for her child. Of course, what she thinks is best isn't always going to jive with what others think is best. Welcome to parenting!

Not introducing solids at six months isn't a bad thing, nor is it that controversial. But if Lincoln starts grabbing for a banana that mama is eating in the next few months, maybe she'll let him have a little taste. Until then, she's keeping up breastfeeding Lincoln, really giving that kid the best start with all the best nutrients.

What do you think of Kailyn's decision to delay solids until a year?


Image via Kaillowry/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Kat

Good for her. Breastfeeding is great for the baby. Eating the placenta is super weird, but she obviously cares a lot about keeping her kids healthy and getting them off to a good start. I can't say I agree with her on everything, but she definitely cares about her kids and that's great.

Joanne Koson Piraino

She sounds like an intelligent, informed mom. That's great that she is breastfeeding and there is no hurry to introduce solids. Lincoln is lucky to have a mom that is devoted enough to him to breastfeed him in the first place.


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