Kim Kardashian Is Clearly in Love With Someone Besides Kanye West

Kim Kardashian

Ugh. They aren't even married yet (as far as we know) -- but already it sounds like Kanye West has his bride-to-be totally brainwashed. After hearing that Kim Kardashian kept focusing on her own image on the monitors while appearing on an Australian TV show, it's clear that she's becoming just as narcissistic as Kanye, if not more. (She loves herself, people. A lot.)

Dr. Chris Brown recounted Kim's awkward interview during a spot on an Australian radio station. As you will hear in the clip below, she caused quite the commotion in the studio that day, and almost everyone was aware that she seemed to be pretty enamored of herself.


Have a listen.

D'oh! I wonder if she's heard about this yet? It's not like she hasn't been on TV a gazillion times, so Kim really ought to know better than to stare at herself while appearing on live television!

Man. I know she's bound to pick up a few of Kanye's habits given how close their relationship is, but did you think it was possible for her to be more self-absorbed than him?

Despite how ridiculous plenty of people think she is, Kim has always had this underlying sweet quality that I've always liked about her. And that's why it's such a shame to think that being engaged to Kanye has somehow changed her perception of herself -- to the point where she sees herself on a god-like pedestal just like he does.

And if that's the case and they aren't even hitched yet? Good GRIEF. I don't even want to think about how highly the two of them are going to think of themselves after they become the world's biggest power couple (or at least in their eyes ...).

Hopefully this interview slip was just a simple mistake for Kim, and she does still have at least a shred of humbleness in her. Marrying Kanye will definitely change her life forever, but it doesn't have to completely alter who she is deep down inside.

Do you think Kim is just as self-centered as Kanye?


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