Kardashian Family Trip to Most Unusual Place Doesn't Fool Anyone

KardashiansThe Kardashians may be worth hundreds of millions of dollars (hard to believe, eh?), but that doesn't mean they don't love a bargain. Kris, Bruce, Kylie, and Khloe were all recently spotted shopping at a Costco in Los Angeles. (Not surprisingly, Kanye was nowhere to be found.) The klan stocked up on all kinds of items -- yes, they may be rich and famous, but apparently they need toilet paper too. Let's look at what they bought.


Reportedly, matriarch Kris bought what most moms would: paper towels, cleaning products, and toilet paper. She also bought apple juice. She also seemed to be gearing up to spend lots of play time with the grandkids this summer, walking out with pool toys, wave cruisers, and a little touring wagon.

Bruce, on the other hand, went for nail glitter and sparkle gloss. Ha, just kidding. He reportedly bought pretzels, instant ramen, and croissants.

So yeah ... this whole thing is pretty strange. Not just that the clan went to Costco themselves when they could have easily sent some lackeys to do it -- but that Bruce and Kris went shopping together. I mean, they don't even live together. Anyone get the feeling this separation is the best thing to ever happen to that marriage?

Then the pair lifted everything into the cars themselves -- again, no assistants around to help them. Very strange. Oh, wait a second. Well, lookee here, they were filming for KUWTK. Yes, of course they were. Showing America what a normal family they are!

As for Khloe and Kylie, they wore identical outfits: black boots, torn faded jeans, and red plaid shirts. No idea what that's about! Call it "trucker chic."

Anyway, not for a second do I believe they normally go shopping at Costco. They were there because the cameras were. End of story.

Do you think they really shop at Costco?


Image via Splash News

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