Kristen Stewart Comes Clean on Lesbian Rumors

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Kristen Stewart

Remember earlier this week when there was a story going around insisting that Kristen Stewart is dating Alicia Cargile, making her a lesbian? (Again.)

Yeah, well I guess we shouldn't have been all that surprised, given that a decent amount of time has passed since she and Robert Pattinson split. Nobody expected her to stay single forever. Given how laid-back she is as a person, the possibility of her giving up on men in favor of starting a relationship with a woman really isn't all that unbelievable.

But wait until you hear KStew's response to the lesbian rumors. It's nothing short of classic, people.

A source told Showbiz Spy, "Kristen couldn’t stop laughing when she saw the reports she’s in a lesbian relationship with Alicia. She said, 'If I was a lesbian, I wouldn't hide it -- it's nothing to be ashamed of! Alicia and I are just good friends! That’s all.'"

Well? I guess we can go ahead and assume she's still very single and ready to mingle. But don't you love how she reacted? Saying she wouldn't hide the fact that she's a lesbian (if it were true, of course) only proves that she's just as confident as ever. She certainly doesn't need a man or a woman in her life to be content.

But now that we know she's unattached, we should probably go ahead and open the floor for discussion on whether or not she and Robert Pattinson will reunite in Cannes and live happily ever after and all that jazz. Yes, it's entirely possible. But given how many times the two of them were supposed to have a heartfelt reunion in the past, I'm just not ready to put my money on them consciously re-coupling anytime soon. Until there is actual photo evidence of them making out or something -- we should probably just assume they're over for good this time.

What do you think of Kristen's reaction to the lesbian rumors?


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nonmember avatar Anon

I love her frankness and Kristen has lightened over the last two years. It is good that she can laugh about it. Seriously where did this rumour got started. Amazingly what kind of lies, these articles can produce...away to go Kristen

Kelly Dill

She is an individual and that is what I love about her. She doesnt care what people think and does her own thing. You go Kristen.


nonmember avatar ap

yes ,she doesnt care what people think because if she did those Rupertgate scandal would never happened.we would be stil in awe with the Robsten romance untill now

Wileen Byroads

shoutingHer mother has a relationship with a woman!

nonmember avatar juju

BI- !!

nonmember avatar Yuliana herlin

most of rob n Kstew fans in the world expect them live happily ever katty,no alicia..go away

Mark D Coates

I have to wonder why everyone thinks it is anyone's business what 'he or she' is doing. Who the f*ck cares who is in who's bed? As long as they can entertain us on screen, what they do in private is THEIR issue, no one else's. Way to go, Kristen! Next time, be sarcastic and really grab their balls in a vice.

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