Pic of 'Teen Mom 2' Cast as Kids Brings Out Most Evil Haters on Earth (PHOTO)

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Teen Mom 2 cast

Sadly, I feel like I use this phrase way too often lately -- but what the hell is wrong with people?!? The cast of Teen Mom 2 has had to deal with more than their fair share of haters. Still, it amazes me just how low some people are willing to drop on social media in an effort to insult Jenelle Evans, Leah Calvert, Chelsea Houska, and Kailyn Lowry.

And in what has to be one of her most innocent and sweet moves ever, Jenelle shared a photo of the Teen Mom 2 cast as kids. While some fans oohed and aahed over it -- others were nothing short of downright MEAN.

Here's the pic:

Teen Mom 2 cast as kids

I know, SO cute, right?!? How could anyone possibly make fun of this?

Well, there were a few folks who were kind and pointed out just how much Jace and Jenelle look alike.

But check out what a couple evil trolls had to say about poor Kailyn.

Are you freakin' kidding me? Seriously ... who SAYS something like that about another person -- let alone about a picture from someone's childhood?

I'm sorry. I just can't help but get really pissed off and worked up over this, because I can't even begin to imagine how horrible Kailyn must feel. Hopefully everything she's had to contend with in her past has given her more of a thick skin, but still -- it's kind of tough to ignore comments like this and not take them to heart a little bit.

But I hope she knows that anyone who is malicious enough to say something like this is clearly very unhappy in their own life -- or just insanely jealous of the fame Kailyn has gained after being on Teen Mom 2. As tough as it is, she needs to remember that their opinions don't matter, and they'd also never have the guts to say something so horrible to her face. That's right. I'm calling them out for what they are -- nothing but pathetic cowards.

On a lighter note, how sweet is this photo? It's definitely one for the scrapbooks, regardless of what vicious haters think.

Do you think any of these girls deserve such harsh criticism?


Images via MTV/Twitter

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nonmember avatar Amanda bowers

WRONG! I'm no coward and would GLADLY say it to her face. I'm entitled to my opinion. I don't see you posting articles about all the hate jenelle gets DAILY.

Angel Silva Mason

Amanda bowers sounds like your a jealous little girl, you just wished you had your life at least half as together as this girl.

nonmember avatar gera

OMG Aubree looks just like chelsea when she was little:)

nonmember avatar Felicia Grey

People make hateful comments because they are miserable with their lives and want to ruin others. I think the girls were always beautiful. Kail is very gorg for her size. Obviously there is jealousy from irrevelent people.

stayi... stayinghomemom

I don't see why people feel the need to try and bring other people down to their level. No one really knows these girls, all we know is what we see on television, which we all know can be edited. Yes they agreed to be on a show depicting teen pregnancy not to be called names and ridiculed. They are still human beings and have feelings. The picture is of 4 innocent, sweet little girls and people are calling Kailyn a pig and fat?!?! What is wrong with people grow up!!! Get a life!

nonmember avatar AmandasRInsecur

Then obviously you are insecure yourself Amanda Bowers. Or just plain jealous. You obviously have nothing better going on in life if you have time to make fun of a picture of a CHILD. I hope you never reproduce and if you do I hope your child is chunky and not the best looking so you can be reminded daily that peoples souls and personality's are what is beautiful not their looks.

nonmember avatar luziann

I think that's down right mean all 4 of those girls are beautiful and are raising their children. Stop being so opinionated just cause your skinny.

Broquel Milawski

Amanda you are no skinny looker your self so why are you talking shit on her when you have no room at all to talk!! she is a beautiful woman with or without meat on her bones!!

ralph... ralphswifey956

Amanda you have no room to talk shit to anyone! Your twitter specifically says that people who bash others are immature, yet you do it all day long. Get a life bitch and quit trying to act like you are some celebrity. Lowlife aint got a fuckin clue!

nonmember avatar Erin Carter

People are so cruel. Amanda Bowers just remember karma is a bitch. You will pay for what you do and say about other people and I hope it gets you hard. Your a real insensitive bitch. She is ten times the woman you will ever be.

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