Kate Middleton & Prince William's Anniversary Plans Are Surprising at Best

Kate Middleton Prince Wiliam

OMG. Can you believe that yesterday was Kate Middleton and Prince William's third anniversary?!? I can remember getting up at the crack of dawn to watch their royal wedding like it was yesterday, and here three whole years have passed. Now they have baby George and are more in love than ever.

And considering they just got back from their Royal Tour, where they really didn't get a whole lot of down time, you'd think they'd want to let loose and go out on the town to celebrate their big day.

But wait until you hear what Kate and Wills actually did for their anniversary, which is not what any of us expected at all.


You guys? From everything we can tell, they freakin' stayed home. With Prince George. As in that doesn't sound like the most romantic evening. A source told Us Weekly, "They chose to make low-key plans but it will still be a special day for them."

And a spokesman told People that Kate and William were spending the day "privately."

Low-key and private, huh? In my book, that means staying at home, having a quiet dinner, and turning in early.

While I'm sure some fabulous chef cooked them a highly gourmet, delectable meal, it just seems surprising that they didn't want to sneak off for some alone time away from the baby. It was their anniversary after all, so you'd think they'd want to have a night off from midnight feeding duty, if you know what I mean. (Wink, wink.)

But maybe Prince George is the reason they decided to go the laid-back route this year? After all, he's the most important thing to come out of their marriage so far, so perhaps they figured their anniversary couldn't be more appropriate than spending some private time with their little guy. (Aww.)

How do you typically spend your anniversaries?


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