Khloe Kardashian Rejects French Montana in One Big Way

Khloe Kardashian

Things have definitely been heating up between Khloe Kardashian and rapper French Montana. She even went ahead and advertised his latest single on her Instagram page. So you KNOW it must be true love! But there is one thing that KoKo is NOT ready to do for French yet. And that is take him to her sister Kim's wedding.


A source told

If Khloe [invited French to the wedding], that would compete with the significance and royalty of Kim and Kanye’s day. So no, she isn’t. That’s not something she feels would be appropriate at this time.

Hmmm ... "compete with the significance and royalty of Kim and Kanye's day"?! What the heck does THAT mean? Everyone will be bringing someone to the wedding.

And who besides Kimye thinks this is a royal day? Sigh. Seriously, no one but them would say that. So is it Kim or Kanye not allowing French to attend?

Does Kim think that if Khloe brings French, it could overshadow her? Could she really be that selfish? Sure, whoever Khloe brings to the wedding will get a lot of attention because it will be the first man we've seen Khlo with since Lamar.

Or is it Kanye who is worried the up-and-coming rapper might be more famous than he is soon?

But maybe this was all Khloe's decision. If she brings him to the wedding, then things are totally "official," and maybe she doesn't want that, given that the ink isn't even dry on her divorce papers yet. Maybe she still wants to keep things casual.

What a mystery.

Why do you think she won't bring French to the wedding?


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