Kylie Jenner & Justin Bieber's Rumored Hookup Just Got Even More Scandalous


Kylie Jenner

Man. This crazy love triangle just keeps getting more and more bizarre. Everyone has been wondering why Selena Gomez suddenly stopped following the Jenner girls on Instagram, and now it looks like we may have a more definitive answer.

Supposedly Selena found texts from Kylie Jenner to Justin Bieber, and she "flipped out." And apparently in addition to whatever communication they were having, Kylie was also sending the Biebs photos via her phone. We can only speculate as to just how flirty they were.

Kylie and Justin were rumored to have hooked up at Coachella. If she really was texting him, I guess it's even more evidence that something definitely went on between them. And if that's the case, then no one can really blame Selena for freaking out and wanting to totally cut her so-called friends out of her life for good. (How's that old saying go? Hos before bros?)

But let's get back to Justin and Kylie. Let's just assume that the two of them did get a little romantic. Uhh ... why in the heck would Justin go out with Kendall Jenner in NYC if he's all into Kylie?

Wait. Don't answer that. I don't even want to explore the "he's two-timing two sisters" possibility -- because it's way too disturbing to even consider.

Maybe I'm reading way too much into this? I guess there is always the chance that Justin is simply friends with both Kylie and Kendall and that's why they've been in contact with each other, but it just seems strange for Selena to get upset over her friends talking to her man. He has to have crossed the line with one of them for her to shun them the way she did. Well, either that or she's just the insanely jealous type who can't stand the thought of her boyfriend having female pals.

Sigh. I honestly don't know what any of these chicks see in the Biebs in the first place. All three of them can certainly do a whole lot better than a dude who doesn't even remotely have his act together -- so what is so damn alluring about him that they can't stay away?

Do you think Kylie and Justin were texting each other?


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Don Hultman


nonmember avatar elsa

The very definition of entertainment news/tabloids is minding everybody's business, very much! And women screw that pot-smoker just so they can get more headlines.

Dawn Dealmeida

I think the Jenner girls and Justin r friends and I think Selena freaked out cause she's jealous and she was using.. So I don't think there's anything between them but friendship and that 2 me is a little weird.. Nothing in common except being a celeb..

Kevin Dmellow

basic thing why are you guys flipping out.You tabloids might your own fucking business and post gossips don't judge these stars bitches

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