Jenelle Evans' Pregnancy Scare Is WAY More Serious Than We Thought


Jenelle Evans

Oh no, you guys! Things have been pretty routine with her pregnancy thus far, but Jenelle Evans had a health scare earlier this week that almost landed her in the hospital.

A couple days ago, she tweeted about the incident, saying, "Close call. Got extremely dehydrated and almost had to go to the doctor. Ugh, can't hold any food down." Huh. I wonder if her dehydration had anything to do with the fact that she's hit the beach and wound up with a sunburn a couple times recently?

Could be.

And while not getting enough water is detrimental enough for women who aren't expecting, dehydration in pregnancy is extremely serious and can even threaten the life of both the mom and the baby. (Yes, for reals.) It can trigger premature labor, which is especially scary given that Jenelle is only in the beginning of her third trimester.

Since Jenelle's tweet indicated that she was throwing up, it's clear that her case was pretty severe. She's very lucky that she was able to get a handle on things before it was too late.

Hopefully this served as a huge wake-up call for her as far as making sure she's taking in enough fluids every day in addition to monitoring her activities a little more closely. Yes, it feels great to soak up the warmth of the sun and relax at the beach, but it's also easy to forget that you still sweat in warm temperatures even when you're not engaging in physical activity.

Jenelle should definitely make sure to pack plenty of water the next time she heads to the beach, or better yet -- maybe she should refrain from spending hours in direct sunlight altogether? In addition to maintaining a healthy pregnancy, she'll thank herself down the road for not totally destroying her skin. (Yep. Staying indoors sure sounds like a total win-win.)

Did you avoid the sun during your pregnancy?


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ABCMo... ABCMomma0211

No I did not. 

I went to the beach when I was about 24 weeks along, and was only on the beach for 4 hours when we unforunately had to leave, and I had bought a 32 oz cup of ice cold ice water, and had that gone with in minutes. Bought another one for on the ride home. I still get deyhrated, and ended up in the hospital for four hours. 

I also sat in the pool every single day with my oldest, and got burnt. 

The sun can seriously cause a lot of issues if you are pregnant. It's best to keep lots and lots of water, and sun block.

nonmember avatar CJ

I avoided the sun because I was sick start to finish my entire pregnancy.

Donna Rogers

Yeah she needs another kid like she needs them drugs

nonmember avatar Kerry Volk

That WASNT the question Donna Rogers.... You MUST be apart of the JE #HatersClub #NastinessIsAnUglyQuality #GrowUp

nonmember avatar Joanna Lee

Do you people seriously have nothing better to do them harp on this poor girl? She's trying to do better and all you can do is give her shit. Look in the mirror I'm pretty sure none of you people are perfect.

Cathie Minor

It's sick how adults never grow up and act like kids with all their bullying........that's what's wrong with the modern generation......they learn it from home and I feel bad for the future on...I know people aren't gonna like the same things and certain people as others do but they can grow up and be mature with their opinions instead of wah, wah wah and be a bully about it. Anyways I may not be a huge fan due to her choices but it doesn't mean I hate her....I'm glad for all the real things she's turned her life around on and I know that addiction is an illness so I hope her the best and she stays on track..... Especially for those babies..jace is sooo stinking cute. I wish him the best and stays on a good path as he grows up. I hope jenelle is more careful.......I have been through dehydration plenty of times because I hate water.....I can imagine how much harsh it is......not fun at all

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