Guess Which 'Real Housewives' Stars Are Getting Fired Next (VIDEO)

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This week in the land of reality TV, particularly the Real Housewives, we saw three MAJOR PLAYS -- can you guess what they are? From Part II of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion to Orange County, and of course we can't forget New York.

Whose side are you on? Kenya Moore's or Porsha Williams'? In today's episode below, I go in deep about Kandi Burruss and Mama Joyce and why they have their spinoff work cut out for them, as well as Cynthia Bailey versus NeNe Leakes. I give you ALL the behind-the-scenes gossip on what happens when you fight on-camera, you make up off-camera, and then the show airs. What are cast members thinking at home when all this is playing out on television?

We see the same dynamics with a few Orange County cast members as well. How do you think Shannon Beador is fitting in with the group? Her entry into the OC cast reminds me of another no-longer-newbie Housewife who came into her show like gangbusters. In today's exclusive video, I tell you who and why.

Is Heather Dubrow threatening to leave the show? I tell you what I saw this week, reading between the lines, and what it might mean. I do happen to think Vicki Gunvalson is in an unhealthy relationship and that she chose it. BUT ... who am I talking about? Is it Brooks Ayers? Someone else, perhaps?

Also, in New York City, someone got the "Carrie Bradshaw Idiot of the Week" award. Yes, I just made that up. Who do you think is the winner? Ramona Singer? Sonja Morgan? Somebody else? Oh, and Carole Radziwill did in fact make me laugh out loud this week, a fact I appreciate greatly. However, watch the video below to find out what other reactions she sparked.

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Which Real Housewife do you want Bravo to fire?

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nonmember avatar Ana Rivera

Heather played it really smart. The OC girls have a pattern of going against someone each season. I think Heather let Tamra know she was not going to play that game. I loved how Tamra shriveled in front of Heather. Of course, it's not the end of it. Vicki and Tamra already prejudiced newbie Shannon and Tamra still hasn't worked Heather's faux pas with Eddie into a storyline.
And am I the only one who thinks Mama Joyce was tweaked at the reunion? It could explain a lot. Her behavior has changed since we first saw her on the show.

nonmember avatar Carla

Alex,your recaps should be on television. Have you tried pitching them? They are better than most things on TV right now. In fact I would venture to say that that they are more entertaining than the shows you review! You are intelligent, cultured, articulate, humorous and a joy to watch. Thank you.

nonmember avatar Jasmine

Listen, I'll buy that Porsha was pushed to anger. I'll buy that she was pushed to stand up and get in someone's face. But the moment when she laid her hands on Kenya, that was on PORSHA.

Maybe I'm sensitive because I grew up with an abusive father, but when people say "You MADE me hurt you." that's NEVER okay. I've been through enough therapy to learn that you're in control of your own actions and emotions, ESPECIALLY when it comes to VIOLENCE. Come on Alex, you can't believe that's okay.

Marge Bolokoski

Didnt Kandi give Mama Joyce the house she had before the compound she is in now?

Nathan Harmon

Love the show as always Alex. It's alway my Wednesday pre-gym ritual to watch. My thought:

1. I knew this was the end of the road for Nene. DWTS if nothing else is a popularity contest, and Nene while infamous and well known is very polarizing.  She's also doing concurrent shows so when she angers viewers on HW's it's going to reflect in her DWTS votes. 

It should also be noted  that in the HISTORY of the show, I think Nene might be one of the first people who was so classless (sorry I know you hate that word) as to not thank her partner Tony when she was eliminated. Nene thinks she's bigger then the HW's show, and it's time for her to. The balance of power needs to be restored. 

2. I see parallels between Heather Dubrow and you Alex (circa season 4), where you're the 3rd person to two very close friends, and you don't totally fit in. But in the ever more gang-like world of HWs you have to belong to some crew and for you it was the "blondes". and it's the same for Heather. I definitely saw there were times where you didn't really approve of Sonja and Ramona's behavior, but what choice was there other then to "go along to get along". Especially when allies are very important. 

Nathan Harmon

3. There seems to be some gamesmenship on Ramona's part. She didn't attend Sonja's pool party which resulted in it being a very short scene. Following your teachings about the women sabotaging each other by not showing up to events, it would seem that was Ramona's retribution for she and Sonja's fight. 

4. It's very difficult to watch Sonja this season. It's as if the entire season is set up to make her look like the biggest fool in the world. She is the biggest star in her own head, and has history of cringe worthy pertentious statements from calling herself a "Gay icon" in season 4, to saying she could be a broadway star and commedian. And for the first time last night while watching her, I got shades of Kelly Bensimone in scary island. Sonja stopped making sense, and lashed out on people for no reason.

I was actually SHOCKED that Ramona didn't eviscerate her last week when she and Sonja got into it. She certainly has the amunition to. Surprisingly Ramona took the high ground, and didn't say or do anything hurtful.

5. I think the Ramona-Kristen fued is going to turn out to be one of these season long fueds that no one knows how it got started, or really knows what it's about. Kristen seems to be falling into the "Joyce trap" of making her storyline all about not liking one of the other girls. 

Nathan Harmon

6. I have to say....Oddly enough. I really like Luanne in a reduced friend role. I never really thought one way or the other about her, but I like her this season. 

7. If Bravo was so anti-violence then 1/2 the cast of the RHONJ would've been fired starting witht he Guidices and Gorga's. They've had MULTIPLE violent incidents through out the years on that show. 

8. I think if Kandi care's at all about her relationship with her mother then she will PLEAD with Bravo to Joyce to return. It's clear that the work they need to do on their relationship should not be put on reality TV. It almost seems as if Joyce is out to hurt or embarass her daughter. 

And they threw some blows at each other the reunion. Kandi basically called her mother a gambling addicted thief who commited credit card fraud. Joyce said Kandi's play was false. They dont' need to continue doing houswives together.


nonmember avatar Starrkitty

I watch your blog every week, and I even watch it when it was on a different blog website.. normally your views for the most part objective and insightful, and here's the But....but, when it comes to Carole, your not so much...Maybe you know something about Carole that the rest of us aren't seeing..

Vanessa Thompson

Hey Alex - love your weekly round ups - have you seen any of the Real Housewives of Melbourne? The first reunion is on this week, would love to hear what you think of it

nonmember avatar sandy

I would like to see Kenya go: there is something so "off" about her, and I imagine she could use some time to get a thorough emotional and spiritual overhaul. And I think that NeNe, who I have enjoyed watching, may be sealing her own doom: She seems to have started down a path of calmly, but keenly pushing others "under the bus." She may be trying to create a fracas, in order to start a storyline, but it is not fun to watch.

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