Kailyn Lowry's Ex Jo Rivera Isn't Holding Back His Feelings About Her New Man

Kailyn LowryKailyn Lowry has definitely had her ups and downs when it comes to her relationship with Isaac's dad Jo Rivera. Remember that time he said he wished her water would break when she wasn't near being due yet with her second son Lincoln?

It seems that things are going much better between the co-parents now, quite possibly because they're both in their own happy relationships. But how is the historically jealous Jo handling his son's open affection for his stepdad Javi Marroquin? Sometimes the 4-year-old even slips up and calls him daddy!

Jo is surprisingly being a total grownup about it. He took to Twitter to address the innocent mistake, saying, "He slips up sometimes. Calls my mom Vee, calls Vee mom, calls me Javi. But he knows who is who and corrects it ... he knows I'm dad but has called me Javi by accident. He doesn't do it intentionally."

How awesome is that? It sucks for a kid not to have his parents together, but one of the often overlooked plus sides for kids with multiple homes is that there's potential for even more love in their lives as step-parents are added to the mix. And with even more people to feel loved and cared for by, there's going to be more name mix-ups, especially when they're younger.

Whenever my kids come back from a few days at their dad's, my 6-year-old will occasionally instinctively call me "daddy" the first day she's back, and I'm a whole different gender! I figure it has to do with her just calling for whichever parent is at hand, and she's gotten used to calling for him. No bigs.

Parents are parents and no one can replace them, but that doesn't mean steps can't be awesome too. It looks like everyone is comfortable with their roles in the Marroquin and Rivera homes. Kail tweeted herself last year, "Isaac knows who his dad is. Javi's a GREAT step dad & father figure when Jo's not around."

Aww! Warm fuzzies all around. Yay for Kailyn and Jo putting Isaac first and making it work for him.

Do you think it's a big deal that Isaac sometimes switches up his parents' names?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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lucke... luckeyslady

No biggie. He is well aware of who his father is. Wen he is older he will b sure, if their is any confusion about it.

nicki... nickimiranda

The headline is very misleading saying how said it is for Kailyn, Jo, Javi an Isaac and how sad it is for Isaac. Isaac is an extremely lucky little boy because he's surrounded by so many people who love and care for him. So what if he gets confused sometimes with what he calls them. If he's comfortable enough with Javi to call him Daddy then that shows they have a close relationship. As he gets older he will find specific names to call each of the people in his life.

nonmember avatar amber

They mislead the headline on purpose to draw people in to read it.

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