'True Tori' Recap: Dean Drops Another Huge Shocker on Tori

Tori Spelling

On tonight's episode of True Tori, we learned the real reason why Dean McDermott went to rehab the night after Tori found out about his two-day affair. It apparently wasn't because of the affair -- nor was it because Tori forced him to go. It was because after being found out, Dean had a "nervous breakdown" and threatened suicide. "As I was waiting for the EMTs to arrive, I looked at that crack in the window and thought I could kick it out and dive out the window -- that the only way out of this was to leave this Earth," he tells Tori and their therapist.

Tori, surprised that Dean admits this on camera, wants to stop filming. She is obviously distressed that Dean has decided to confess his suicidal intentions -- and now she's worried that filming might push him over the edge. Which is weird. Because wasn't she worried about this before?

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However, Dean's suicide bid -- as horrible and dramatic as it is -- sounds suspiciously like just another way for Dean to get out of trouble. "That's it, you can't get out of this," he says about how he felt after his cheating was discovered. "Tori deserves me to die."

A producer is called over to discuss the situation. Production, apparently worried for Dean's frame of mind (and no doubt any legal implications if Dean decided to off himself during filming), halts until Dean is evaluated by a psychiatrist. Once he's given the all-clear, production starts again.

Dean then says that for the first time in his life, he feels like he might deserve to live.

I'm not sure if Tori meant it this way, but she often looks irritated with Dean during his talk about his suicidal thoughts. Perhaps she feels -- yet again -- that Dean has managed to usurp everyone's sympathy and attention. After all, she was the one who was betrayed. And yet somehow Dean manages to trump her with suicide bids. You get a sense of how frustrating it must be to live with a guy like Dean -- his issues always take center stage. No wonder Tori complains how she has completely lost her "voice."

Dean manages to nudge his way back into the house, despite the fact that Tori doesn't seem ready for him. But with four kids, it's not easy to keep Daddy away, and the kids are quite happy to have him back -- especially 7-year-old Liam.

And as they do kid things, like smear cake icing on their faces and jump around in the bounce house rented for Liam's birthday, Tori and Dean slink around, furtively groping their way through a marriage's darkest moments.

You have to wonder what the kids will think of it all one day when they're old enough to watch and understand. But maybe, as descendents of Aaron Spelling, it will all be totally normal.

Were you shocked by Dean's confession about his suicidal thoughts?


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nonmember avatar Yoda2954

It's no wonder Dean can't score an acting job, he's a horrible actor!!!! This was the worst job of acting I have ever seen! Phony doesn't begin to describe it. Tori the money isn't worth it!!! The bad acting isn't worth it! Dean is definitely not worth it!!! What an incredibly self-centered person he is! All his concerns are about himself and how he is doing! Not a care about his family!! What a JERK!!!!!

nonmember avatar me

And why is this being filmed again? I wont watch it and honestly didnt read all of this. It sickens me that anyone out there would think its ok to put this on tv if its real and even more so if they are faking it. Those poor children.

nonmember avatar Rhon

The show last night was terribly disjointed.The coffee clutch appeared like a total fake. These women, she admitted, she barely knew. However, there they were with all of their advice. The mob of photographers was over the top. Notice the group was positioned there in advance. She appeared to be surprised. PLEASE... Dr. Wexler must be looking for her own reality show.It reminded of Celebrity Rehab. The only part that rang true was the children thrilled to see their dad. Once again, Tori made it appear like she had no help and was doing everything herself! Yet, she and Dean are repeatedly out and about childfree. Who makes frosting without a cake?... They should watch out for Liam. He seems angry, frustrated, and possibly confused. Two weeks in a row now he has reacted aggressively to the paparazzi. Who knows what he has been facing? He is old enough to possibly hear about, or see written evidence of his parents' public tell-all. Have kids made comments to him? What about poor Jack? Tori is very uncomfortable facing her cheating past. She made it seem like Dean convinced her it was okay because they loved each other. HUH?? Actually,I believe that they do love their children and each other. The unfortunate thing is that they also love fame and notoriety.I hope they get their act together, whatever that ends up being, at some point.

nonmember avatar mandie

One word: narcissistic

SRTmo... SRTmom6127

I am seriously angry with myself, since I've been reading articles on this show I have gotten sucked in! I am so embarrassed about watching the show that I wait until my husband goes to work and then I get order it on demand.

I truly hope for the children's sake that this show is pure fabrication, I could never imagine putting even a tiny argument out there for the world to see forget about an affair! As long as the kids are being taken care of, and they look like they are ok, Liam acting out is quite possibly a side effect of being in the public eye but it could just be because he's 9 and 9 year olds(as with any age) can be brats when they don't get their way. I think that Tori handled it well. Good luck to them either way. 

Julia Saenz

besides looking obliverated drunk, when he makes his window crack confession you could tell it came straight from a script, a woman talks like that not a man

nonmember avatar Tammy Viar

Idk if u will even see this, but i am going through almost the same thing. Last April i found very detailed pictures of my husband and this girl. We had been married 21 years then, yes I fogave or at least I thought I had. I did accept him back and of course every day i think the worst. Then to top that off my 19 year old son died in February 8, 2014. So I deal with a lot. When I watched your show and say your face and everything I knew what u was feeling and going through. I am not aloud to talk about it so mine stays inside and then when u try to talk to others it is hard because they don't know my pain. Hope the best for u.

nonmember avatar Bridgitte

Dean is obviously lying! He probably didn't want to admit to cheating on Tori but she found out anyway! I'm glad he went to rehab for suicide thoughts but he obviously needs to go to Dr. Phil and beg for help. Dr. Phil is now the only person on earth that could help Dean and get out of the mess Dean creates for every person in his life. He is like selfish.

nonmember avatar eLI bEAR

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

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