Nikki Ferrell Going to Desperate Measures to Keep Juan Pablo's Attention

Juan Pablo and Nikkie Ferrell Okay 'the Internet.' You need to stop trying and make "Juan Pablo + Nikki Ferrell = True Love" happen. Because it's not going to happen. Sure, they pose for some cute pictures together. This is easy. Because they are both cute people. But eventually the truth will win out, and they'll say buh-bye for good. Some of Juan Pablo's latest tweets prove just how blahs-ville he and Nikki have become.

It's already clear that things betwixt the couple are so far from being good. We aren't talking fist fights or anything. No, god forbid we have something that interesting occur. Instead, we're stuck watching a relationship that isn't working founder into the "awkward" phase. Next stop? Not speaking to each other when eating out at restaurants. Yeesh. Awkward, paging party of two who met and fell in 'like' on a reality show? Your table is ready!

Apparently, when Justin Timberlake came on the radio, Nikki Ferrell blew a kiss in his direction. Juanny P -- lovable scamp that he is -- tweeted about this. He thought it was 'so lol much funny,' etc., but obviously it struck a chord with him. All joking about Nikki's passion for JT aside, can we discuss how crazy this whole thing actually is?

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Nikki is clearly running out of ways to keep Juan Pablo's eye on her person and engaged. Can you imagine being in the car with your significant other and being all, "Oh, 'Train' is on, let me dandle my breasts upon the speakers, jealous, babe?" No. No you cannot. Because that is a desperate and weird thing to do!

Sure, I could be reading too much into this, but weirdly I don't think I am. Isn't Juan Pablo notoriously hard to pin down? I mean, the dude had a hard time letting girls go home each week on the show because he was so enthralled with having a lady-harem to call his own! Nikki's kiss to Justin might just be some goofy cuteness, but it smacks of desperation.

To close, Juan Pablo is hotter than Justin Timberlake. THERE. I SAID IT. I'm not proud of it, but the crotch wants what it wants, okay?

Do you think Juan Pablo and Nikki will last?


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Pat Bruemmer

They are perfect together.

aly33 aly33

Your article lost me after" betwixt". Why are you so pessimistic about this relationship? I hope they last.

Sandra Blake

You sure hate these guys, don't you?  I think it will last  I think he is trying and she definitely loves him to pieces.  You can see the love between them.  Why dont you get someone else to pick on?

nonmember avatar Melissa

I disagree, Justin Timberlake is WAY hotter than Juan Pablo!!!!

nonmember avatar RDG

They didn't aim too high, which is an all-too-common mistake made by so many other contestants. You want to know how to go about the Bachelor biz, let Nikki show you.

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