Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's New Project Flirts With Danger


catherine giudici sean loweThe headline sounds a lot more scandalous than it is. Bachelor couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici hop into bed with an Emmy winner! And we know which one -- it's Mr. Good With His Hands Ty Pennington. A threesome? Eww! Please tell me every last, disgusting detail because I need to know NOW. But readers, imagine a much worse scenario than Sean and Catherine and Ty TL4EVA. Can't think of anything? Well here it is. The truth is, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are doing a major home project with Extreme Home Makeover. NO!!! It's the debacle that will destroy their relationship.

And it might be too late to stop them. Catherine just posted an Instagram of herself with Sean and Ty Pennington hinting at the mischief the three are getting into.

"Helping design our back yard," Catherine says innocently. Like that's just something you can do without it opening up about 40,000 different arguments. Because now, it's not just what Catherine wants and what Sean wants -- it's Ty's vision, too. Plust they're probably spending long hours in the sun, getting hot and bothered, or inhaling fertilizer fumes at the garden store. I mean, I'm just relieved it's not a home renovation or they'd really be in trouble. Have you ever seen what a couple goes through when they decide to "update their kitchen"? It's not pretty.

Hopefully Ty acts more as an adviser/referee than a designer. Or who knows? Maybe Cath and Sean have zero opinions about what they want their yard to look like. Hah, yeah right! These two? Not a chance.

Well anyway, I have faith that Sean and Catherine's relationship is strong enough withstand this latest challenge. And I just want to make a little suggestion to this creative trio: It's not too late to have a little threesome, maybe under the new rose-covered pergola? I'm just saying -- it would be fun to write about that. You guys give me the exclusive, okay?

Do you think Catherine and Sean will get along well working on this backyard project?


Image via Catherine Giudici/Instagram

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sader... sadergirl

I don't know if you're trying to be funny or not. Sean and Catherine already have a nice backyard, it just lacks furniture. So I imagine Ty and Sears are using the opportuinity to promote Ty's line of products you can buy at Sears. Oh and they won't be doing the actual work, they have the labor hands for that. 

Oh and they don't need to do any house renovations because their house was just redone before they moved in. I'm excited to see what Sean and Catherine decided on in terms of design. 

Jacee... Jacee2348

I think this might be the dumbest Stir article I've read yet, and that's saying a LOT. They pay you for this sh*t?

Jonette Wiles

This could have been written with a little more class, unrelated to sexual innuendoes and behaviors...Come on, there are some people who do not care to have their mind swayed toward the "gutter"...

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