Chelsea Houska STILL Won't Deny That She Cheated on Adam Lind

Chelsea HouskaRemember that Teen Mom 2 reunion special with Dr. Drew when Adam Lind accused Chelsea Houska of cheating on him with his best friend when she was pregnant with Aubree, and even sleeping with his brother, and it didn't look like she denied it? You know, the one in which he claims she ruined his life?

Apparently that's not exactly true. A source that knows the situation is setting the record straight on what exactly went down with Adam and Chelsea during their rocky relationship and if Chelsea cheated on Adam or not.

On the show, Adam said, "Chelsea, you did horrible things to me ... the things you've done is a reflection of what I've done to you. When she was pregnant with Aubree, she slept with one of my best friends that I went to high school with. While she was pregnant with my child. That has scarred me for life ... Chelsea, you've slept with my brother."

Chelsea's reply wasn't exactly a denial. The reality star said, "This is all before you ..." Before he WHAT, Chels?? Inquiring minds want to know. She did take to Twitter soon after the show aired to point out that not many people would look like angels if their sex lives were plastered all over national TV, but still, the question remains -- did Chelsea cheat on Adam?

The answer is probably a complicated no. The source told, "Chelsea didn’t cheat on Adam with his friend ... Adam left Chelsea, and she started dating a mutual friend who was a really nice guy. She wasn’t sleeping around or trying to hurt Adam like he claims. It’s pathetic he has to bring up things that happened five years ago to try to prove a point."

The person also pointed out that it's Adam and not Chelsea who has trouble owning up to his mistakes. He almost killed a couple senior citizens in a February car crash, but "even though the car accident was clearly his fault, he blames the elderly couple he hit ... he is the type of person who thinks everything he does is someone else’s fault."

So why won't Chelsea just come out and address it? She probably doesn't see the point. When you're with a blamer -- someone for whom nothing is ever their fault -- it's impossible to reason or argue with them. Literally impossible, like nailing Jello to the wall. No matter what Chelsea says or does, Adam will find some way to make it not his fault. Basically, she could walk on water and he'd say it was because she couldn't swim (to paraphrase Margaret Thatcher), so what's the point in arguing over the semantics of how close the friend she hooked up with was with Adam or exactly when it happened?

Chelsea is a smart girl to just let it go and move on with her life. The same source said, "Chelsea just avoids talking to Adam whenever possible" and that she "learned her lessons and grew up in order to be a good role model to Aubree. But Adam hasn't."

Sometimes it's all you can do.

Do you think Chelsea is wisely avoiding the issue, or should she clear it up herself?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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nonmember avatar pam

I give her a lot of soon to be ex husband was the same way nothing he did was ever his fault.....after I finally left him 20 years later he ended up in jail and still blames me for his action.....

ABCMo... ABCMomma0211

Because it's really no one elses business what happened, even if the cameras are rolling, no ones business. 

I doubt Chelsea cheated on Adam. 

But like Chelsea said, that was AFTER Adam treated her like dirt, because we all know that Adam treated her like shit before cameras were around, and before she got pregnant.

nonmember avatar Jessica

Who cares?!?! Live your life and don't worry what is going on in someone else's...

nonmember avatar Anastasia

I think that she is trying to do good for her and her daughter and adam is trying to make her look bad. But she has allot of power and shes amazing!

Rebecca L Hahn

Everyone keeps looking at Chelsea Houska like she's some saint Adam made mistakes, but he's learned from them...

I think she's a slut period hooking back up with him in the first place at of jealousy revenege hurting Taylor causing her stress while she's pregnant claimed to be her friend, Adam was finally stepping up to the plate for his past mistakes which we all of had in one form or another got help was really sticking by Taylor spending much more time with Aubree think she's a bitter skank be perfectly honest she wouldn't even be as famous as she is without dating his bad boy past image in the first out of all the mother's she really is the most boring one out of all the mother's only popular by the men she dates period!!

Terry Tattersley

i;ve never watch the show.. but from what i just read.. sounds like she grew up and he didn't... as long as he's in that mind set.. it's a complete waste of time for anything.good luck in what you do with your daughter.. you don't need a man...only for one thing.....

jenns... jenns1987

Wow whoever said shes a slut is stupid as fuck. She hasnt even dated much. Adam is the one that fucks girl after girl. Surpised his penis hasnt fallen off. He admitted to her that he cheated multiple times. And called aubree a mistake. Hes a disusting piece of shit. He will never change. Ever. A shit father and bf will always be. He did the same to Taylor and paislee

Maggie Abreu

Chelsea has a good head on her should. She's bettering herself for her daughter. Adam is a jerk who needs a reality check and grow up. Chelsea keep it up girl.

birdy383 birdy383

I only wish Chelsea would see this I married one of these "blamers"  who they turned intoan abusive jerk.  He waited until the birth of my daughter for that then kept telling me that I would never see my daughter again if I left him ot told anyone.  He actually had a family member take her out of state for two weeks and told me this is what the my future would be like if I left him always wondering where she was and if she was safe.  Right before she turned 16 I finally got him out of the house he told his lawyer when I went to court to get the protection order that he would kill me in a heart beat if he had the chance.  that was 5 years ago she is in her 3rd year pre med and doing great.  I too am ok but she did the right thing getting away from him before it had a chance to get worse.  Keep your head up and enjoy life Chelsea you are better than all of this crap.


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