Robert Pattinson Makes a HUGE Move That Could Ruin His Future

Robert PattinsonIt very well could've been the biggest role he's taken on since Twilight, but Robert Pattinson has dropped out of Mission: Blacklist. Guess it looks like we won't have the chance to see him play the lead role in the film.

The flick is about the hunt for Saddam Hussein, and Rob would've portrayed the role of Eric Maddox, the military interrogator who was in charge of locating Saddam. He also wrote the book that served as the inspiration for the movie.

Apparently Rob bowed out due to scheduling conflicts, but it's impossible not to wonder if something bigger is going on here.

Oh come on ... scheduling conflicts? That's, like, the oldest excuse in the book in Hollywood as far as getting out of a role goes.

You know where I'm going with this, right? Duh. A few months ago, there were rumors going around that Rob was considering taking a break from acting, possibly to pursue a music career or simply lay low for a while. It just seems strange for him to give up such an important role so abruptly, though it does make sense if he's about to make some sort of major life change.

And let's not even entertain the possibility of him ditching the part so he can finally have more time in his life to reconnect with Kristen Stewart. Those two are getting one final shot at the Cannes Film Festival to patch things up, but something tells me their "reunion" is going to be pretty anti-climactic.

I guess time will tell whether or not Rob is having some sort of epiphany or whatever. Let's just hope maybe for once the scheduling conflict thing turns out to be the truth.

Why do you think Rob bowed out of this movie?


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nonmember avatar JB

How nonsensical. This will hardly "ruin" his career. He's got several projects coming up, and by all accounts he'll be working pretty steadily for the foreseeable future. And this certainly wasn't an abrupt exit. This movie has been in the planning stages for several years, and had some pretty big disruptions (including a change of director and shooting location). In fact, so much had changed that it didn't seem like it was going to be the same film as was originally intended. I had a feeling Rob would eventually exit the project. His career will be just fine.

nonmember avatar jenela

Get a grip seems to me that Rob was ready to get on board for this movie from the get-go but delay, delay and delay he has to move on and I would of loved to of seen him in this movie but he has more things to do he will be just fine

nonmember avatar gina

what nonsense! This is not going to ruin Rob's career.He is doing great!He has filmed 4 movies since twilight,The Rover,Maps to the Stars, Life and Queen of the desert.Out of these 2,The Rover and Maps are going to Cannes.Thats awesome!!
After this he is signed on to do 3 more starting june, The childhood of a leader, Hold on to me and the Lost city of Z.
He is rocking!!
And lastly he is the face of Dior world wide!!
So excited for Rob and waiting for some new casting news!

nonmember avatar nicola

Rob is on a roll with 7 movies, promotions and Dior, he is a very busy man.
He is one of the most exciting young talents in HW. I am beyond excited to see what he signs on to next!
I felt sad when he dropped out of Mission Blacklist,he would have been brilliant as Eric maddox.wish the MBL team the very best

nonmember avatar Dorym

Maybe he is just sick of all the Hollywood BS.

Vicky Mavromatti

Rob left the project, because director Jean-Stephane Sauvaire left it too, plus there were a lot of script and filming location changes that he did not agree with ! That's the truth ! So, it was partly his hectic schedule part this. He doesn't need lame excuses he's very professional.

nonmember avatar rose

He is probably burn out and need to recuperate He has had a busy schedule. We have been hearing about Mission Blacklist since 2012 or earlier. He had to move on and schedule more jobs in the mean time. Now they are ready to act and he can not make a move unless he is 100% ready for the part. This is a true story and he does want to do his best in making the character real.

nonmember avatar silkyfine49

Mission Blacklist lead character is strong,rob to soft

Jestene Bradley

Maybe Rob just got fired from Mission Blacklist.

nonmember avatar cotillard

I think that Rob was smart to drop out of the role as he has been very busy and also still has movie commitments. Give the guy a break, he needs some time off. And any true fan would LOVE to hear some of his music as he is very good.

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