Kate Middleton's Favorite Photo of George May Disappoint the Royal Family

Kate Middleton and Prince Will's trip to Australia and New Zealand has been wonderful for US -- mainly because we've been able to see more photos of adorable baby George than ever before!

It's been pretty impossible for us to choose our favorite photo of the family because, honestly, they look amazing in every shot. So you can imagine how Kate must feel, having to select the perfect shot when she's lucky enough to have professional photographers follow her every move and chronicle each of George's steps.

But Kate has done it. She has chosen her favorite photo of George from their voyage Down Under, and it shows us EXACTLY who the tot looks like.

Anyone who has a child knows how annoying it is to be told one minute that your baby looks like you and then be told the next that he is 100 percent your husband. Kate and Will probably get that quite a bit, since George has traces of each of them in his sweet features.

But in the Duchess' favorite photo, he is ALL Kate. His eyebrows are the exact same shape as his mom's, his almond eyes are identical to hers, and his gorgeous smile was a result of her great genes. Since he's been blessed with two amazing-looking parents, George wasn't going to lose either way, but judging by this photo, the only feature he has inherited from dad seems to be his light hair.

It's also no surprise this is Kate's fave shot. George's face and smile are in full view, as are Kate's beaming eyes and totally natural smile. And how hilarious is it that Will's face is half cropped out? There is one star in this photo and George is IT. This truly is the perfect baby photo.

Who do you think George resembles? Do you like Kate's favorite picture?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar friendofKate

Wish my little one could have a play date with baby George! His cheeks are just the cutest!

waity... waitykate


Oh all the idiotic groveling is really insane. He's a cute baby like any other - period.  And too bad anyone had to wait for the tour to really see him. His parents have a bad attitude.  Unlike Charles and Diana, Willnot and CAnnot weren't great at sharing photos of George prior to the tour. And yet they supposedly care about their country.  {LOL}. And they might revert right back to hiding George.  I guess they're like Michael Jackson, maybe they'll start putting a scarf over George's face.

Samal... Samalama319

What does one have to do with another, waitykate? Hes a baby, and if they want to limit how many photos of him are out there (like many parents) that is their right as parents. It certainly doesn't mean they don't love their country.

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