12 Hot Celebrities Who Were Bullied as Kids (PHOTOS)

sandra bullockIt can be quite difficult to imagine that the current A-list, Hollywood elite, performers who are enjoying fame, fortune, and are loved by fans around the world, could ever have once been bullied as children. From Sandra Bullock to Tyra Banks to Justin Timberlake, while growing up, these celebrities had to deal with what many children across the nation are struggling to cope with every single day: relentless teasing and tormenting thanks to their cruel peers.

But they have all risen above it in amazing ways, and we can only imagine how their bullies must feel about poking fun at them now. Check out these 12 celebrities who were once bullied as kids.

Do you know any other celebrity who was picked on as a kid that we didn't mention?


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tbruc... tbrucemom

I don't know of any celebrities but I was bullied as a child. Let's face it, most kids are subjected to varying degrees of bullying. From mild teasing to the extreme cases that you read about in the paper. The reason it's more of a problem today is based on a few reasons, social media makes it much easier, lots of parents don't teach their kids right from wrong, some parents set an example by their own behavior, we don't let kids take care of it themselves by standing up to the bully even if it means it gets physical and you get suspended along with them. I thoroughly believe you need to discipline your child if he's the one bullying and should have taught them not to do it to begin with and if they are the victim you need to teach them to defend themselves and make sure you provide a safe sanctuary for them while they're away from school. I believe some of the extreme cases of bullying where the victim has committed suicide could have been prevented. They likely had mental health issues of their own and their parents should have monitored their activities more closely and created an atmosphere where their children could confide in them.

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