Juan Pablo & Nikki's 'DWTS' Appearance Means We Haven't Seen the Last of Them (PHOTO)

Juan Pablo Galavis Nikki Ferrell

I know it was kind of hard to concentrate on anything other than the hot Latin performances on Dancing With the Stars last night. But did you happen to notice two very special guests in the audience being shown on camera over and over again?

There's really no way to put this bluntly -- what in the hell were Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell doing in the DWTS ballroom?!?

I swear I had to do a double take the first time I noticed Juan Pabs in the background behind Tom Bergeron. Then I was all, "Holy shiz, that's him and Nikki, all right."

Again, what the heck is up with them attending?

I'm not making this up, people. Check it out.

Tom Bergeron

Last time I checked, those two aren't exactly friends with the folks over at ABC. And considering Juan Pabs was rumored to have lost his DWTS spot over the controversial comments he made about gay people -- you'd think he'd be way too embarrassed to ever show his face on or anywhere near that set.

And then there's the whole bit with him and Nikki turning down media appearances that are related to The Bachelor. Why would ABC invite them to watch this week's performances when they aren't even willing to associate themselves with the network?

Huh. It sure seems like something fishy is going on here. And if I didn't know any better, I'd say Juan Pabs and Nikki are finally realizing that they can only take their fame so far now that The Bachelor is all said and done. They probably figure they might as well make amends now so they at least have the option of appearing on future reality shows. As soon as the new season of The Bachelorette gets rolling, they'll fade into the distance like they never existed.

What do you want to bet that one of them turns up on season 19 of DWTS? With all of the controversy surrounding their relationship, it definitely wouldn't hurt ratings. Haters LOVE to hate, and what better place to hate on Juan Pabs and/or Nikki than after watching them take a spin around the dance floor?

Why do you think Juan Pablo and Nikki were at DWTS?


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SC Belmonte

It looked to me like he was desperate to be seen on camera.

Peggie Clark

Yes, I had to take a double look but after about the 3-4 shoot I knew it was them.  :(


Peggie Clark

I didn't see Nikki right away as she was a little off to your left,but before the show was over ,there she was.

Sue Baker

I thought they didn't want to be on TV but seems like every time you turn around there they are.   Go figure!

Geri Spera

I saw him first, then was looking to see if she was there. Isn't it ironic he sat right where he could be seen by all? You could tell he wanted his face right there for all to see. Wonder what he was doing there in the first place? Can't wait until the new season starts with Andi, then pabs will be gone for good.

nonmember avatar Sue

LOVE them. Haters be gone. Most of the couples have already broken up by the time the next season starts and they're still going strong. Jealous people make me sick. :)

nonmember avatar Chelsie

Sue, I totally would have given you a thumbs up to your comment (if we had that feature), even if I'm not a fan of the guy because I respect people who stand by what they believe in. But you had to add in we're all jealous. Just an FYI, sometimes just being strong about what you believe in without lashing out at others gives it more credential.

Tresa Pulley Bozell

Just because I don't care for Juan and Nikki doen't mean I'm jealous. 

Egusquiza Nelson Lucy

 they can do as they wish!, he loves to dance and he loves lating music!!!!

Ernest Debrew

I have no problem. Matter in fact, I am glad that they appeared on the show.

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