Jenelle Evans Caught Rewarding Jace's Bad Behavior (PHOTO)

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans is doing great these days, and we're all expecting and hoping that she's going to be a better mom this time around to baby Kaiser, who is due in June, than she was to baby Jace, whom she signed custody of over to her mom Barbara. Jace has had a rough start to life, which we've seen come out recently on Teen Mom 2 as he's acted out his frustrations.

But not only is Jenelle vowing to be a better mom to Kaiser, she's also been taking a much more active roll in Jace's life recently. Still no word on whether she's going to ask her mom for custody back, but it's obvious she's trying to have a real and loving relationship with him.

Still ... haters gotta hate. And boy did they hate on Wednesday when Jenelle tweeted that she was going to pick Jace up early from school.

It wasn't so much that she tweeted that ... it was what she tweeted a little while later that really had everyone in an uproar.

It didn't take long for the "you shouldn't reward him for bad behavior" comments to roll in. Some of them were really awful, like this one -- "so when he stabs a kid with scissors you gonna buy him a fucking pony?" or this one -- "great idea, reward the kid with chocolate for being an asshole at school today."

People need to take a freaking chill pill. First off, we don't know what Jace was doing that constitutes "bad." Second, has nobody ever shared a treat with their child after working through something with them?

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There have been times my kids have misbehaved, but once we reach a resolution, and they understand what they did wrong, it's time to show them love. What was Jenelle supposed to do, lock him in his room and give him nothing but bread and water for the rest of the day?

A lot of Jace's behavior problems likely extend from not feeling secure in his relationship with his mother, so I'm not going to judge her for giving her kid a fun snack on (zomg!) the same day she had to pick him up early from school. It's not like she took him to Disneyland, or like that one commentor said, bought him an effing pony.

They're strawberries. So what if they're on a stick and dipped in chocolate? That's a nurturing, fun thing to do as a mom, and I'm sure Jace felt loved and cared for.

Do you think Jenelle was rewarding Jace's bad behavior?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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Jennifer Yeatts McCready

I don't even watch the show anymore because these teenagers like Janelle, need her ass whipped! She was a disgusting human being. I pray for her two kids sake she has grown up and become the mother she is suppose to be. She treated her mom like shit. One of my children ever spoke to me the way she did her mom, they wouldn't be allowed in my home

nonmember avatar Kelly

Oh Jennifer Yeatts-McCready, I'm sorry, I believe that first statement there completely invalidates your horrible ignorant opinion. You don't watch the show anymore and you have no idea how she's doing now. I hope to god that one day when your children inevitably make mistakes, you find it in your heart to forgive them. Heroin addicts come from the homes of parents who are ignorant to the needs of a child who has no support. I grew up in it and I've seen it happen to one of my siblings. While Jenelle isn't perfect, she has never once claimed to be and she's trying to grow. Shame on you for throwing such negativity into the world as a stumbling block for her. Shame on you or being an "adult" yet acting so immaturely and judging a human being who is obviously still in progress.

Here's to you and your flawless, closed-minded negativity. I pray your children survive it.

Cavin... CavinsMummy

Why are people flipping out about her "rewarding" bad behavior? She's obviously addressing the underlying issue of him needing his Mom so he's acting out. THIS IS WHAT A PARENT SHOULD DO. The point people are missing is there's no bad children just bad parents. A kid acts out for attention or to experiment at Jace's age obviously Janelle understands this.. Duh!!!

nonmember avatar candice

Calvinsmommy, I completely agree.

nonmember avatar Unique

People are way too worried about how other people choose to live! GET A LIFE EVERY ONE!!!!

nonmember avatar Rhonda

Jennelle needs to grow up n needs a REALITY check not a REALITY SHOW

ezimlove ezimlove

Im pretty sure she has grown up. She is not a disgusting human being. She made mistakes. She struggled through addiction. Shes moving forward and trying to rectify her wrong doings . I'm so glad some of you are perfect and live perfect lives. Oh wait, you don't. Instead your miserable and put on a pretty little show for others.get over yourself. And fyi..did you ever see how her mother treated her or continues to treat her? Hmm..wonder why she is the way she is?There is your answer.

nonmember avatar Babs Fan

Meh. I don't care one way or another. It's Babs, Jenelle's mom who makes my day. She's frickin' hilarious! If ya don't agree ya probably high on kilos of weed.

nonmember avatar Glenda Beck

You guys are pathetic she made chocolate covered strawberries with her kid . I can almost guarantee that she never told him it was a reward for being bad I bet you guys that harp on your kids they move out as soon as they can to get away from your nagging

deput... deputygirls28

Kelly I couldnt agree more with you. Maybe before these people start picking her, they need to realize that to fix his issues, he needs that love from his mom.

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