Tyler Baltierra Won't Marry Catelynn Lowell Even if She IS Having His Baby

Catelynn Lowell, Tyler BaltierraTeen Mom stars Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell took us by surprise last week when they announced that they are actively trying to conceive another baby. They gave their first daughter Carly to wonderful adoptive parents to raise after getting pregnant at 16, but at 22, they're ready to try for another to raise on their own.

They're financially secure, have stable jobs, and after 10 years together, they've decided that they're in it for the long haul. Twenty-two might be pretty young for a lot people to be thinking about having kids, but Tyler and Catelynn aren't exactly your average 22-year-olds. But still, because they're reality stars and everyone has an opinion, the backlash against their news was enough for Ty to take to Twitter to defend their decision to procreate again.

It seems as though some people are of the high-and-mighty opinion that Tyler and Catelynn should wait until after tying the knot to get pregnant. Because apparently that's the "right" way to do things. Insert statistic about children doing better with married parents here.

Tyler is letting none of that nonsense throw off his baby-making groove with Ms. Lowell.

Ha! Take that, haters. What a novel concept that good parents are what's best for kids, not necessarily married parents. All those statistics about kids and what's best for them are never able to take one very important thing into consideration -- every situation is unique.

The emotional security of marriage might be the best environment to welcome a child into more often than not. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage, right? But Tyler and Catelynn have been through some serious crap together, yet their relationship is still rock solid, and they're still stupid-happy in love.

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Isn't that what's best for a child? Having two parents that love each other? Isn't that more important than the actual marriage license? Are Tyler and Catelynn supposed to "prove" their love by getting married before they get pregnant?

I kind of love Ty's comment about this being their SECOND child out of wedlock together. It's a little late to shut the barn door now.

Tyler and Catelynn will get married when they feel like it's the right time, and not a moment sooner. That's one of the things we love about them anyway -- they march to the beat of their own drummer. Holding hands. And being disgustingly adorable. Dang, now I want them to get married too if for no other reason than I want MTV to film it so I can watch it!

Do you think Tyler and Catelynn should get married before having another baby?


Image via Tyler Baltierra/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Jena

I think they should be married first if they plan on being married. Why have a baby and then decide it's not going to work? Something just seems off about this to me for some reason.

nonmember avatar Niki

Its not that they need to be married to be good parents at all. I think everyones concern is they keep planning a wedding and he keeps backing out. If shes the love of your life whats with the hesitation? If you cant plan a wedding together how are you going to deal with raising a child together? The first year of a childs life can make or break a relationship. All im saying is if you couldnt commit to marrying her for whatever reason why are you having her child, theres obviously some uncertainty about spending the rest of his life with her and perhaps thst should be addressed prior to having a baby so the child doesnt end up in a broken home. Would love for these two to get their gift of a child though they would br amazing parents.

nonmember avatar Me

What? That is so stupid. Marriage is an optional institution. Marriage doesn't = not breaking up nor does Marriage = love. My boyfriend and I have a child together and we are very much in love and committed to each other, a piece of paper and society's approval/disapproval doesn't change that. There are plenty of reasons to wait to get married or never get married at all. The problem with these two trying to have a child is that they're 22, and still looking for work on shows like celebrity couples therapy. That doesn't sound stable or mature to me at all.


JUST because youre married doesnt mean its going to work. I had two kids with my husband before we actually did it. It doesnt make my two kids any happier then my one who was born in a marriage. It might look good but who cares

OneTo... OneToughMami

I always found them to be an odd couple. 

faith... faith2009123

Maybe he should have wrapped it in plastic or kept his pants zipped! Utterly stupid!!

eykelley eykelley

It takes a village to raise a child, not a marriage.

And who says what constitutes a marriage to them. Isnt being married making a life long commitment to one another? Why does that have to be signing a piece of paper? Getting married doesnt make breaking up any less possible, just more expensive. I think its their lives and they should do what they want.

lucke... luckeyslady

It would b the icing on the cake if they were to get married first before bringing another child n this world. But deffinately not a must. They have been through so much together. Being raised by drug and alcaholic parents. Giving their child up at 16 so she wouldn't b raised n the same environment. Just the fact that their not on drugs themselves shows their strength n courage. If they can stick together thru all that shows their commitment to each other. Most 16 yr olds would have broken up after giving their child up. They don't have to prove their love to the world. Only to each other. They r not looking for work just because they went on couoples therapy. They went for their relationship issues. They r stable with stable jobs and already own a home. So if they choose to concieve a child, good for them. Only they know wats best for them. Married or not. My parents were married still r. Had 6 children. Though they loved us. Our childhood was far from happy.

nonmember avatar Minnie

Security, they bought a house are both names on it? If something happens and they are not wed family can take it and leave the other person without. The samething can happen with insurance. I personally know someone this happened to and she was left with nothing but the children. The boyfriends family got it all and did not share and they were together 15 years.

nonmember avatar Frannie

Marriage is a legal institution that protects both parties in the contract and their children. I get that both Tyler and Caitlin have had some pretty terrible examples of marriage with their parents, but if something were to happen to either of them and they had a child but weren't married, they wouldn't have legal rights to bury each other or anything like that. Similarly, if one of them were to be seriously injured and they're still just dating, the healthy partner would have no legal grounds to make decisions regarding the injured partner's care. And if they break up? There are no laws set up to protect boyfriends and girlfriends who are parents of a child out of wedlock. Sorry, but marriage is just the responsible thing to do if you want to raise a child together. Hopefully they'll never need to find out why this is so important, but once something bad happens it will be too late to do anything about it.

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