'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Millina Can't Trust Either of Her Parents

16 and pregnant millinaTonight's 16 and Pregnant featured 17-year-old Millina, a self-proclaimed party girl who had promised to change her ways before her son was born.

Like many 16 and Pregnant girls before her, Millina comes from a difficult family home. Her mother is a drug addict, who has been in and out of jail for the past five years, and her father is fun yet flaky. Currently, she and her little brother live with her grandmother, who has taken them in after her mother went to jail.

So when Millina dropped out of high school and started going to raves and staying out all night, she met her boyfriend Trevor. And now that she's pregnant, she's vowed that she won't be involved with drugs or drinking, mainly because she wants to set a better example for her son than she had from her own mother.

But unfortunately, Trevor's own mom, Tina, also has a difficult situation. According to Millina, she's unstable and has a condition that causes strokes and seizures. And, most of all, Trevor's mother really disapproves of Millina's mother. Not that I can really blame her (the drug use and arrest track record speak for themselves), but having at least a little faith in Millina's mother would speak volumes for the whole family.

Tina might be the only adult who's willing to take them in. However, Millina is not all too pleased with the idea. She worries that Tina might have a seizure while she's holding or caring for the baby and then be unable to really watch the baby or herself. So when she suggests that Millina and Trevor move in with her after the baby is born, Millina strongly refuses. And needless to say, Tina was not so happy.

Later, after the confrontation with Tina, Millina visits both of her parents. She attends her mom's court hearing (during which her case is postponed another month) and meets with her dad. Though she doesn't get to talk to her mother, her dad does leave her with some rather wise advice: "You and Trevor will be all right if you stay away from all us grownups." A-men, sir! Finally someone tells her the truth.

But they didn't have much time to figure out their living situation because pretty soon, Millina went into labor and delivered baby Kayden! Congrats girl! Although poor Trevor was rather traumatized by the entire thing. "After watching your pretty vagina go from a vagina to Stargate to a baby flying out, it changes the game," he said. Well, hello, what did you think happened during birth, dude?!

When Millina and Kayden return home to her grandmother's house, Trevor doesn't move in with her. Instead, he stays with his mother, immediately putting tension on their relationship.

And then in what might have been Millina's most foolish moment, she took her weeks-old baby son to her mother's sentencing. In Michigan. In winter.

Not only was her mother sentenced to 200 days in jail (which means that Kayden will already be 7 months old when she first sees him), but Kayden obviously got sick.

Warning to the family: she cannot raise this child alone. At the end of her episode, Millina met up again with Trevor, Tina, and her own father and finally let the parents meet Kayden. In yet another emotional confrontation, during which they told her how wrong it was to have taken the baby out to where he could catch a cold and get sick, it seemed like Tina finally got through to the teenager. "I want to help you," Tina said. "I'm offering you my love." With her own mother gone in jail, and a supportive system waiting right there in front of her, it's heartbreaking watching Millina struggle to keep faith in her mom while being realistic.

She has tons of support: from Trevor and his mom. Unfortunately, it seems like her mom and dad aren't readily around, but she has an adult (in addition to her grandmother) who is willing to help. That's a lot of support to refuse.

Do you think Millina should have moved in with Trevor and Tina?

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nonmember avatar OncNrsSpursChk

OOOOOHHHHHHH MMYYYYYY GOD!!!!! TINA, I HOPE YOU'VE WATCHED THIS EPISODE, LOOKED AT YOUR O-W-N ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC BEHAVIOR, WERE ABSOLUTELY ASHAMED OF YOURSELF AND APOLOGIZED PROFUSELY TO THAT POOR, POOR GIRL WHO IS TRYING HER VERY, VERY, VERY BEST TO DO WHAT'S RIGHT......FOR HERSELF, HER BABY AND FOR EVERYONE ELSE AROUND HER!!! Both you AND your son should be utterly sick at your own behavior and I can tell you that, had you been MYbaby's granny and gave me that line of shite about "not sharing" & "making bad decisions" and slagging of her mother continually, I CAN PROMISE YOU, IT'D BE A GREAT BIG FAT "BUUUUUUHHHHHH BYYYYYYE, YOU HORRID, INTERFERING, SPITEFUL, HORRID OLD BAG!!!!!!!" And that's NOTHING of your tyrannical craziness when the poor girl TRIED to speak to you about your seizures/strokes/whatever. I damn sure wouldn't've let you in my hospital room after that one. I just cannot beeeeeeeelieve you'd be so hateful to a girl who's soooooooo young, who HASN'T exactly had the proverbial village to raise her and who's struggling to do and be her best, without much guidance. Annnnnnnd, lastly, I damn sure wouldn't have my baby around a grown woman/mother who can't think of any other superlatives/ words than "f@€$" every other word!!!! You're a hateful, horrible cow, a poor excuse for a mother and grandmother and you might want to think about changing that disgusting attitude if you'd like to be in your grandson's life.

nonmember avatar Sheryl

Heck no, she shouldn't move in with his

Mom. His Mom is phychologically abusive to

Millina. She is very disrespectful of Millina's Mom. Not to mention that if this episode was any indication, Tina is emotionally unstable and can fly off the handle for any real or perceived slight. Millina should stay with her Grandma where it is stable and get her GED. When the baby is older she can go to college and get a job. Or she could always consider adoption and start with a clean slate.

thefi... thefiregoddess

Uh there's nothing wrong with taking a baby out. What a terrible article.

cheya... cheyanne1234

Trevor's mom was a crazy psycho bitch and I wouldn't trust her around my baby alone either and Trevor isn't exactly father of the year, only visiting like once or twice. This makes me so much more thankful to my husband whose so extremely loving and helpful with the kids. He wouldn't wanna be away from then for a day much less months like the dad's on this show. Smh. Poor girl. She ha her baby's best interests in her heart an yet gets treate like that. Ugh.

the4m... the4mutts

Cold does not make a baby sick, GERMS do. Period.

I didn't watch the whole episode, because reality tv isn't really my thing. But after previews, I had to watch some of it.

This poor girl, she's just flying blind and trying to do right by everyone, and everyone is just piling more and more on her at this very vunerable time. I hope she stays with her grandmother.

luvmy... luvmybubs

firegoddess there is something wrong with taking a baby out. Doctors even suggest that you wait to 6 weeks before taking your child out. If the child is bundled up then the cold is not really a factor but a courthouse full of people you don't know with all possible different kind of ailments (whooping cough, flu, cold, ect)  is no place for a newborn. But really maybe the people holding the cameras should be counseled on things like that.

Janie Hutto

OMG that woman (Tina) is absolutely RIDICULOUS. She's pissed because Millina didn't bring the baby over? Uhm why didn't she just go over there? And the baby's father is a dumbass. Grow some balls, dude. I don't blame Millina one bit....I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that hateful woman. 

Trist... TristanMitchael

This episode did not go in order. One scene when she was ignoring Tina's calls she had bright red hair and said she just dyed it, then when she took the baby to Tina's it was faded, next scene she was sitting there talking to her boyfriend and her hair was red again. I noticed this when Macy was on teen mom too and her hair was always changing. Not like it matters but I don't get why they skip around.

The courthouse thing, she had the baby in his car seat bundled up and took him out so her mom can see him, its not like she passed him around to catch germs.

No way should she move in with that family, Tina disrespects her and her boyfriend started treating her like crap, of course who knows what really happened since MTV chooses what we see when we see it.

can_c... can_can21

That Millina girl is a brat. I don't think Tina is perfect but I don't think she is all that bad. She doesn't want her boyfriend's mother involved with the baby ever but she risks taking her newborn baby out in the cold just so SHE can see her own mother?! She needs to realize her baby's best interests may not always things she wants to do. That's called growing up. I don't feel bad for this girl one bit and if her boyfriend/baby daddy breaks up with her, I wouldn't blame him one bit. 

peanu... peanutsmommy1

I had a baby. In Michigan. IN WINTER

people don't hole up in their houses for 6 mos, we have lives to lead

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