‘Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison Has Ridiculous Dating Rule for 9-Year-Old Daughter (VIDEO)

chris harrisonChris Harrison's daughter Taylor may be ony 9-years-old, but he's already worried about when she will start dating. I suppose that is the natural paranoia that develops when you helm the raunchy, long-running dating show the Bachelor and it's spin-off the Bachelorette. After 30 seasons, Harrison has ssen his fair share of hook-ups and hearbreaks. So it's understandable he would give his daughter the most outrageous dating rule ever.

According to his super-cute kid, she can start dating until her dad is dead. That's right. Harrison has to be six feet under before she can go out with a guy. Not only that, she has to wait three full days just to "make sure" he's dead.

Sounds a little over-the-top, but who can blame him for not wanting his daughter to date all those jerks out there. Plus, he’s seen the worst of the worst. I can just picture some dude coming to the house to pick up his pride and joy. Immediately, the kid's attitude and demeanor will register as one of the smarmy ex-Bachelors.

  • “the Jake” – through he seems like a big push over, this guy has all the sincerity of a rabid skunk.
  • “the Juan Pablo” – this guy will use his cute accent or quirky personality to totally manipulate her.
  • "the Sean Lowe-down" - he may sport a purity ring, but there is probably one very important clause in that virginity contract. Oral is totally allowed!!! 
  • “the Womack” – he will get your daughter to fall hopelessly in love, then dump her an instant.
  • “the Mesnick” – this tool doesn’t know what he wants. Blink and he’ll be back with his ex.


I also bet Harrison fears a little bit of karma coming his way. He has stood there and watched as hundreds of desperate-for-love women come on that show. He knows full well most of them will leave heartbroken and alone. No dad wants THAT for his daughter.

Check out Chris and his adorable girl:

 What dating rules have you given your children?


Image via YouTube

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sassy... sassykat122

Seriously? Did you have nothing else to write about? You do know many parents say the same thing? Get off it erikka

Snapp... SnappleQueen

Somebody procreated with this loser? Sad.

nonmember avatar Julie

Maybe many well known sites don't have enough money to hire an editor??

nonnyof3 nonnyof3

Omg that's just a corny dad joke. Like when you tell your kids they can't get married until they're fifty. You don't really mean it! So dumb. The only dating " rule " we've given our daughter is that she has to be sixteen before she can date. Oh, and the boy has to come to the door. No honking the horn and expecting her to run out there. If he can't be a gentleman then she's not going anywhere with him.

nonmember avatar lol

Only* Don't claim to be an "author" (using that word loosely, because anyone who visits this website knows none of you are remotely close to authors) if you can't spell simple words, dear.

Sandra Blake

My thoughts are since he's divorced - Mama will be making all the decisions for the daughter. As it should be. 

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