Jenelle Evans' Past Comes Back to Haunt Her in the Worst Possible Way

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Jenelle Evans

He's been out of her life for so long that we almost forgot he even existed, but would you believe Jenelle Evans' baby daddy Andrew Lewis visited Jace at day care -- and he doesn't even have permission to see him?!?

Yep. A source told RadarOnline, "He has told people that he has gone four times to try and visit Jace at day care. They snuck him in one time but Andrew's not on the approved list of visitors so they started turning him away."

And supposedly Jenelle's mom, Barbara, ran over and picked Jace up when she heard Andrew was trying to visit. He apparently still owes her around $10,000 in child support -- and he's been out of the picture for so long, it's understandable that Babs and Jenelle don't want him coming around.

Even though her mom is the one who has custody of Jace, Jenelle should still be absolutely outraged that Andrew is sneaking around and trying to get to her son.

Think about it for a second. Wouldn't you totally fly off the handle if you were in her situation and your kid's deadbeat dad suddenly popped up out of nowhere expecting to be embraced with open arms? If I were her, I'd do everything in my power to make sure something like this never happens again -- even if she has to head to court to prevent it.

Jenelle has had her fair share of low points, but she still shouldn't have to worry about who her son does and does not see when he's not in her care or her mother's.

Do you think Jenelle should be upset?


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nonmember avatar sarah rudolph

Yes I think she should he hasn't been around or hasn't done anything for have so why try to start now have is better off without him in his life not to mention he does still owe her $10,000 in child support. He couldn't even get a job when have was born to help support him have doesn't even no who he is really so yeah she does have every right to be upset I no I would. If you ask me I think he is just trying to cause trouble.

Jo'Laniqua Ling-Ling Yayoi

Janelle upset? Huh... does a deadbeat Mom have the right to be upset with a deadbeat Dad? Just curious.

nonmember avatar julie

Your stories about Jennelle are getting old. I have an idea how about seeking help for your obsession and write about something newsworthy.

Danielle Mc

I think her and Barbara are behaving selfishly. It is Jace's father and he has the right to have his father in his life. Considering the revolving door of father figure fuckups that he has been exposed to...Barbara should be ashamed of herself for reacting like that. But I guess history repeats itself. If I recall Barbara cut Jenelle's father out of Jenelle's life and look how well that worked out. If I were him, I'd fight for custody, any judge who watches the show would probably hand Jace right over to him.

nonmember avatar Vickie

I think janelle is a waste of skin. Nothing but an f-up in her life. Going from one dumbass guy to the next. How often you post this crap about her makesme want to delete your page. I would much rather read about other more pressing dilemmas in the news than this fame whore white trash.

Pamela Gayle Vincent Johnson

He shouldn't just be able to waltz up in there and see him with no contact ever- any stranger could do that.  Also is there even a paternity test proving that he's the father for sure?  I think they both suck and are deadbeats.

Cindy Gillihan

Who ever snuck him should be fired!!!!! That's outrageous that someone even the daddy who is not on the list to see him was allowed to, I would be furious.

torwa... torwadled

He can easily go to court and get visitation, unfortunately, at least in Illinois. But agree, whoever sneaks him in should be fired

nonmember avatar rosa

He may not be a great dad but if he is trying to come around let him, nobody is perfect. Everyone was upset because he wasnt involved with his son and now that he is trying to be in his life everyone is upset,sheesh people!

nonmember avatar Stephanie

They did a DNA a couple of seasons ago, so he was proven to be the father. I guess his decision to see him out of the blue is no better or worse than Janelle constantly going in and out, the parade of completely inappropriate male role models/father figure, drug addiction, etc. If she can suddenly try to change and right her wrongs and try to be a better parent, then why shouldn't he be allowed to do the same? He was just as young as she was when he was born, so he should be given the same chances to make his mistake and mature as she was given REPEATEDLY. I'm curious about why he felt he had to sneak to see him at daycare instead of just being able to call Barbara and ask to see him. hildChild support and visitation are two separate issues in the court's eyes. Maybe sneaking to the daycare was his only resort to see him. If he wants to be involved, then he should go to court and do it legally though. There is no reason he shouldn't be granted visitation with his son. Also curious if he's the ONLY parent on the hook for support to Barbara, and if he is, why? Janelle seems to be doing fine financially, so she asks be paying it too. The daycare should consider themselves extremely lucky nothing bad came of his visit. They have visitor lists for a reason. What if he'd have kidnapped him and ran off?

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