Juan Pablo Hit Where It Hurts the Most by Scorned Ex's 'Advice'

Clare Crawley

Even though she was clearly done with him the moment he dumped her in Fiji, Clare Crawley still has advice for Juan Pablo Galavis. He's probably not going to enjoy hearing what she'd say to him if she ever had the chance.

I know, I know -- there are still plenty of fans who haven't hopped over to Team Clare, but I was actually rooting for her right from the start. And I gained so much respect for her after how she handled things when Juan Pablo cut her loose. She totally put him in his place, where he deserved to be -- and she walked away from the rose ceremony with her head held high.

But wait until you hear what she told Extra as far as what she'd tell Juan Pablo if they ever were to speak again.

She said, "Treat a woman how you want someone to treat your daughter."

Burn! Way to hit him where it really hurts, Clare. Am I the only one who caught the subtle diss in her comment? Think back to the "excuse" Juan Pablo gave Clare as to why he regretted taking that midnight swim with her in the ocean. Yep. He blamed his shift in feelings on Camila -- saying he didn't want to set a bad example for her by "taking things too far" with any of the girls on the show.

He basically called Clare a slut right to her face and then used his kid to worm his way out of it. It made him look like the jerkface in the equation -- something he most definitely does not want Camila thinking he is.

So in a way, with Clare telling him to treat women like he'd want his daughter to be treated, she's basically saying, "Good luck buddy. Let's hope Camila doesn't wind up with a scumbag like you."

Man, I love Clare. I'm sure she didn't realize it at the time, but she should be thankful that Juan Pabs wound up with Nikki Ferrell instead of her. Plus, it sounds like she's already moved on with another dude, so it's not like she's sitting at home at night wondering what could have been.

Unfortunately for Juan Pablo, he didn't quite come out on top like Clare did. I wonder what he'd say to her now that he knows what a huge dive his reputation took as a result of how he treated her?

What do you think of Clare's advice for Juan Pablo?


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nonmember avatar joyce

Not a fan of Clare at all. Sorry she as after him like a dog in heat. He is a guy and what do guys love SEX. Sorry she made her own self look stupid, then was upset in the end because he did not want her. JMO. I like Juan and think he got a bad wrap for doing what all the others did on their show season.

nonmember avatar Julie

She was really dumb to sleep with him. Hopefully she learned to respect herself more. And yes glad for her she didn't end up with Juan. You'd have to have no feelings of your own with him... otherwise you'd get hurt.

Maryl Murphy

I was not a fan of Clare. If you stand by the road and say, "Free Ice Cream. Free Ice Cream." Don't get mad if people stop to get free ice cream. *** She went after Juan, he responded to her advance. He felt bad after. He tried to be honest with her. Clare is just mad that Juan did not fall in love with her. *** Now she has another guy. Wish them well. I don't think she was used by Juan.

Jane Freeman Cameron

get over it Clare.You were second best. I think he is setting an example for his daughter now by showing love ans compassion to others. WOMAN SCORNED!!!

Rachelle Maison Zebro

She needs to get over herself, she was the one that wanted to have sex, she chased him like a dog in heat, thought that was going to take her to the end. Well it didn't...so now you can cry how badly he treated you, look what YOU made yourself look like...a 2 cent tramp.

Dee Newberry Hull


Cathy Lovelace Shukait

I too liked Juan and disliked Claire  she went into this acting like a slut and then got mad cause Juan did not chose her to be with he chose the one who acted self respecting. She acted like a spoiled brat looser!

nonmember avatar jessica

Totally team Claire..she is much better than nikki. Nikki and juan deserve each other. They wont last. As for Claire she will get her fairy tale ending with a true man one day and not have to settle like nikki did.

nonmember avatar Gaylene

Oh please. If Clare was such a hottie, she wouldn't be so desperate. Yes desperate. From day one, Clare threw herself at Juan. Typical of a lot of women who have little or no self esteem. She showed she doesn't value herself much except as a piece of meat. And was treated accordingly. Like they say, "why bother with the cow, if the milk is free".

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