Chelsea Houska Lets Her Daughter Aubree Wear Makeup (PHOTOS)

Chelsea Houska Aubree

Plenty of little girls like to play dress-up and want to look like their mommies. That's why it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that Chelsea Houska's daughter Aubree loves makeup -- and Chelsea doesn't mind her wearing it.

Ok, so she doesn't throw foundation and powder on her and goop up her eyes with the heavy stuff, but she does let her get a little bit glam.

Check out this photo she shared on Instagram of Aubree striking a pose.

Aubree Houska

(I know. She's, like, the cutest little kid EVER.)

Chelsea captioned the shot with, "She begged me for pink lipstick today. I'm in trouble with this little lady."

Aww! What mom would be able to refuse such a precious little girl's request -- especially when the end result is this adorable?

Sure, some may argue that letting a 4-year-old wear any sort of cosmetic is outrageous, what with the whole sexy vibe and all -- but I honestly don't see the harm in it. I can remember wanting to put on lipstick and blush when I was Aubree's age, can't you?

Duh. In case you were curious, it does look like fans are already calling her out on Instagram for allowing this. (Every party has a pooper.) And even though I don't have a daughter, I'm 100 percent sure that I'd let her have a sample or two now and then from my makeup bag, because it would be too hard to resist knowing she was trying to be like me. Besides, it's not like Chelsea sent her off to preschool with her face all made up. They were simply having fun with a few photos, which is totally innocent, if you ask me.

Here's one more pic of Aubree rockin' the pink. Does she know how to work a camera or what?

Aubree Houska

Do you ever let your daughter wear your lipstick?


Images via Instagram

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nonmember avatar Jessie Damron

I think is a completely normal (and ADORABLE) part of growing up. My girls are constantly trying to talk me into doing their makeup and sometimes I let them succeed. They get a bit of eyeshadow and blush and lipstick/lip gloss. There is absolutely no harm in it and I use it to teach them responsibility. They learn about not using too much and about cleansing their face and caring for their skin before and after makeup. Be outraged over the truly important stuff for heavens sake!

Erin Butcher

I'm sure she sees her mom putting on her makeup before they go places and just wants to be like Mommy.  that's all it is, her wanting to be a big girl or pretty like Mommy.  there is no harm in her having a little lipstick, it's not like she is caking her face with makeup.  Heck, my 3 year old SON asks me for "lips" when he sees me putting on makeup...he has his own special (colorless) chapstick that he uses and is happy that he gets to be so grownup.  lol.   

Jamie... JamieJoy3

Absolutely nothing wrong with that every little girl loves dress up it is healthy and fun way for mom's to have mommy and daughter time but she needs some dig necklaces and mommy's heels lol my girls love playing in my makeup with me putting on my necklaces and heels and running around the room makes great memories

nonmember avatar Jessie

I think this is fine. My mom let me play with makeup as a child and I do the same with my daughter, stepdaughter and all my neices. My moms argument was that if you let girls expirment young then they wont look like clowns when they grow up.

MrsJa... MrsJaimet

My three year old has her own makeup bag next to mine for the days she INSISTS on "looking like mommy" it contains translucent pressed powder, very very light pink eyeshadow, and a tube of clear lipgloss- the things she always wants to grab out of bag. She does her makeup while I do mine. You can't even tell she has anything on but she knows it's there and it's super cute watching her put it on!

Kerryann Mcnair

My daughter is 16 and still doesn't wear make up! I never wore it either and that is why at 35 I can pass for 22 or even younger than that. The chemicals and things that is in make-up can't be good for your skin. However, that is her daughter and her face and if she wants to put that on her face that is her business.

nonmember avatar Tiffany Pollard

When your in the house playing dress up that's fine. Lipstick in the street is definitely too grown for a 4yr old. Get your priorities straight honey.

Renee Johnson

I agree I have a daughter and she wears make-up every know and then, IT IS CALLED DRESS UP PEOPLE, all little girls want to play dress up or just play with make-up period, when they see their moms doing it. Chelsea is doing nothing wrong.

nonmember avatar vanessa

You guys suck, my girl is four and she refuses to wear any sort of make up. She wont even leave a tiny bit of shimmery gloss on her lips for half a second.

Nyssa Lee

my daughters r 4 and 5 and i've put eye shadow and lipstick on them so they felt special.  If anyone is harassing her about this, they are wayy too traditional.  it's not like i let them go out with slutty clothes on!

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