Khloe Kardashian's Scary Photo Shows French Montana's Bad Influence


Khloe KardashianKhloe Kardashian recently posted the oddest picture of herself on Instagram. Known for her glamorous selfies, the 29-year-old mixed it up by posing in a sheep onesie -- while cradling a large gun. The pic was captioned: "A wolf in sheep's clothing." Since the photo is credited to Spiff TV Films, which is reportedly affiliated with rapper French Montana, some have speculated that Khloe is filming a music video for her new boyfriend.

Others were not thrilled to see their KoKo, generally the most level-headed of the Kardashian girls, posing with a gun. But we know love can make this Kardashian throw all caution and common sense to the wind -- did not her lickety-split marriage to Lamar prove that?

And let's not forget Khloe's alter ego -- the fierce and combative "KhloMoney." I don't think Khloe is the nice girl everyone thinks she is -- she's definitely got a down and dirty side. As evidenced by her threatening someone (Selena Gomez?) on Twitter over her little sisters.

Of course, we all wanted true love for Khloe after her disastrous marriage, but French Montana hardly seems like the ideal suitor. For one, he apparently ditched a girlfriend he was living with as soon as Khloe showed up. For two, before that, he apparently ditched his wife, Deen Kharbouch, with whom he has a 4-year-old son, Kruz.

In fact, Deen warned Khloe about him in an issue of Life & Style, saying:

She has to be careful. Things are not as they seem. As soon as he popped, it was as if Kruz and I didn’t exist.

Yikes, a guy who forgets he has a wife and kids as soon as he becomes famous is not whom we want to see Khloe with. But you know you can't tell a woman anything when it comes to whom she loves! Still, after everything she went through with Lamar, I would hope she'd make better choices.

Do you think French Montana is right for Khloe?


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cathymk cathymk

Yes he not right for khole

nonmember avatar njfinest6428

Wat ever makes her happy. We onlii eee from the outside lookin in. Khloe is verry smart, she will and can decide for her self. U never no, they say its takes that one special kind of woman to change a mans ways. Lol. She could be that one for FRENCH.

#Love U Khloe.

#Do wat makes u happy babes.

nonmember avatar maxxx

I was wondering if anyone other than myself noticed that as of late Khloe appears to be a little more self destructive since being in the company of her new found "friends"?....i mean her excessive partying and cussing up a storm on social media.....shes cussed more in the past few weeks than she has in the history of the show.....i am worried that these bahaviors are a sign of a mental collapse......shes got alot on her plate.....out of all the Kdashs klohe is the only one who takes love and marriage seriously.....she fought and fought but Lamar chose his lifestyle over his wife.....its a blessing in disguise that they didnt have Klhoe is doin Klhoe and she deserves it....who cares who shes hangin with or what relationship shes having....she stayed true to her vows and now she livin it up.....seeing this side of her makes me nervous ..

But i hope she can get through things regardless of whom she is hangin with......

Ness2013 Ness2013

What about this, everybody wants to make decisions for her when she is a GROWN ASS WOMAN no one is perfect or do extra sweet and nice get over you're selves and leave Khloe alone

David Kirschner

Congrats to the newly wed couple, they deserve the best. I follow their every breath and bowel movement. Kim hasn't been as regular as she could be. What's the problem?

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