Kanye West Cheating Rumors Are a Blessing in Disguise for Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

The rumors about Kanye West cheating on Kim Kardashian with Pia Mia have been floating around for weeks now, but up until this point, they've kind of seemed like nothing but a bunch of ... well ... rumors.

Considering how gaga Kanye is over Kim, it just seems odd for him to ever stray from the relationship. He's so narcissistic, in fact, that he'd probably feel like he was cheating on himself if he ever were to run around with another woman behind Kim's back.

But based on a couple new social media posts from Pia, it's getting harder and harder not to speculate as to whether there really is something going on between her and Kanye.

First, she posted this photo to Instagram a few days ago, captioned with, "@TheOtherWomanMovie trailer ... story of my life. Guna be so hilarious! #OtherWoman #sp"

pia mia

And then she followed up with this little gem on Twitter:

Huh. Who saved her, exactly? Could it be Kanye? And then there's the comment about being "the other woman." The talk over whether she and Kanye are involved isn't exactly a huge secret these days, so it almost seems like she was dropping a hint that we should believe all the hype.

And if that's what she's doing (trying to confirm the rumors) -- her timing couldn't be more impeccable. With less than a month to go before the big Kimye wedding, nothing would quite spell insane drama like a cheating scandal thrown into the mix.

Still, there's a very good chance that Pia is referring to someone else with her posts, as I'm sure Kanye isn't the only man she's been linked to in recent months. Plus, if she does have some sort of strong feelings for Kanye, calling him out and ruining his wedding isn't exactly the best way to steal him from Kim, which is yet another sign that all the talk may be false.

Hmm. Again, I doubt Kanye is cheating, but Kim might want to keep a close eye on him in the weeks leading up to the wedding. It would be such a shame for her to find out the rumors are true one day too late and have to go through the whole Kris Humphries 72-day saga all over again -- which is why she should actually be happy that the Pia Mia chatter is happening now. If nothing else, at least she has a little extra time to investigate and make sure she's not going to repeat her past mistakes. Sometimes bad news can be good news even if it doesn't quite start out that way.

Do you think Kanye is cheating on Kim?


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Emmanuel Bandoh

Be careful, Kim. The whole world loves you. Don't throw that away. You have been warned. owurakwasip.

nonmember avatar sandy

Obviously, there is no way for me (or probably any of us out here!) to know if Kanye is cheating. Frankly, Kim could have used a big break from any serious relationship after her last failed marriage. It's clearly too late for that, though, as she and Kanye are now parents and engaged, with a wedding around the corner. So, if nothing else, she needs an air-tight pre-nup (which I'm sure they have) and a solid support system: Chances are pretty good that she'll need both. Poor North.

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