Jenner Girls Fight Back Over Selena Gomez Drug Scene Rumors

Selena Gomez Kylie Jenner

Is it all-out war between Selena Gomez and the Kardashian family? Seems to be! Or maybe our imaginations are all getting the better of us. But how do you explain that Khloe Kardashian seems to have stepped into the fray, issuing a public warning not to mess with her little sisters? And the only person we know who is messing with them right now is ... Selena. But now the Jenner girls are fighting back too -- saying Selena has this whole thing twisted. And they aren't the "toxic" ones -- she is!

On Friday, Khloe tweeted:

This, of course, follows Selena Gomez deleting her pictures of herself and the Jenner girls at Coachella. And rumors that Justin Bieber, who was there with Selena, ended up hooking up with Kylie. And then other rumors that Selena decided to dump the Jenner girls as friends because they are "toxic" and she was turned off by the drug and alcohol scene around them.

But now the Jenner girls are supposedly saying that they eschew drugs and alcohol and it's really Selena who is the problem -- after all, look who was in rehab!

Well, just because Selena was in rehab doesn't mean she is using anything now. In fact, her rehab stay might be the reason she's decided to cut bad influences out of her sphere.

Sources also claim the entire thing came to a head when Selena had a paranoid-fueled meltdown at Coachella, accusing Justin Bieber of hooking up with girls behind her back -- and one of those, as we know, could have been Kylie. Sounds like Bieber is making Selena cray-cray.

Apparently the Jenner girls aren't at all bothered that Selena has cut them off and think they are better off without her. But we know it bothers the bejesus out of them. Because that is what teen girls do. Get all bothered when anyone doesn't want to be their friend.

Are you Team Selena or Team Jenner?


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nonmember avatar Nan

Team Jenner. Sorry all you Kardashian-phobes. And Jenner-phobes. I don't pay attention to those folks, so maybe I'm kind of unbiased? I did catch this story. Who couldn't, the story is everywhere. But as a grownup, I look at someone who's 21 saying a couple of teenagers are "toxic influences"???? On ME? Commonsense tells me if two famous teenagers--Jenners--ere doing drugs and/or drinking at Coachella, there would've been photos of them all over the Internet, right? Stories reported to TMZ? But.... Was there? I did a cursory check, but I also figured if there HAD been pics or stories of the Jenner teens doing drugs and/or weed or booze, it would be reported as part of this one. Right?

So.... No. I vote with the kids. What is someone 21 doing going to Coachella with a couple of teenagers anyway? I'm in LA, if I was 21, no way would I go to Coachella with a couple of teens, much less whine afterwards that they were a toxic influence on me! Ya gotta be crazy!

nonmember avatar KC

People don't know the REAL reason why Selena went to rehab...she didn't have any problems so stop spreading that around! And Selena has every right to be mad. I love Selena ❤️

Dawn Dealmeida

I think the whole thing is crazy.. BUT Selena and Bieber r known users and I really haven't heard much at all about the Jenner girls.. Maybe a drink or something.. But Selena has been in rehab what twice and we know Bieber is a red hot spiraling outta control.. So I'm nobody 2 judge but history plays in 2 it.. Better off not being friends right now.. Space is always a good thing and c where things go from there.. There's only so much that a celeb can hide from with all these paparazzi freaks out there snapping everything they can and making a story true or not outta everything.. So only time will tell when it comes 2 this story..

nonmember avatar Charlie

Team Jenner! I doubt Ken and Kyles would do drugs and underage alcohol because they pride themselves on being role models for girls! Selena was the one in rehab not them so clearly she has the problem! Team Jenner all the way, I love the girls x

nonmember avatar Che

How about neither "Team"? Surely I can't be the only one that doesn't give a rat's rear end about who is hanging out with who? These are all KIDS (20s, yes, but they've been misguided and lack a proper upbringing all-around, have been exploited by their own parents!), and should be sheltered a little. Not PAMPERED, but protected and taught til they understand those little lessons that are passed-on with normal parenting (not just throwing little Johnny or Susie into the spotlight so you can dote and gloat over how GGRREEAATT your kid is.) They are in Hollywood. The spotlight. SSSOOO many actors and actresses do drugs and you don't see the pics. Just because there aren't pics, doesn't mean it didn't happen. (Do you think they'd throw the stuff down in an open place and snort it up in front of the cameras?) Why is everyone questioning Selena's rehab stay? That is private stuff, anyone with a reason to be in a healthcare setting (be it medical or psych!) is entitle to the best treatment/treatment plan and PRIVACY. We aren't SUPPOSED to know why she was there. It's not our business. Yes, they trade a little privacy for being in that business, but it doesn't mean they should have (or deserve to have) cameras clicking at every second of every day.

Sille Nielsen

Team Selena <3 and i´m proud of it !!!

nonmember avatar Daniel

team Selena..i hope shes ok<3

nonmember avatar Casey

Team Selena all the way. I have met them both and the Jenners think they are entitled. On the other hand, Selena personally worked to get to where she is ; therefore, she is kinder and more appreciative knowing without fans, she is out of work. I wish both families well but hope this will blow over smoothly.

Destiny Jackson

Team Selena all the way. "Both Justin and Selena are known users" how the hell do you know what they have and havent done. Its all speculated rumors, and I believe Selena went to rehab to cope with her sickness, not drug abuse. Thats a huge JOKE. Jenners are wanna bes, what are they known for? What have they artistically accomplished? Nothing, thats right, they model because there name gives them the ability to do so, but thats it and thats all. Selena started from the bottom, as a young child, pushed herself to acting, and accomplished her dreams. I dont know if these Jenner people or whatever do or dont do drugs, im not throwing those stones around, but it sure as hell makes sense that they would be more prone to that scene. Selena isnt "going after" anyone, simply by saying shes cutting the toxic people out of her life. "What is someone 21 doing going to Coachella with a couple of teenagers anyway?" 18... thats how old Kendall is, and Kylie is 16...Thats not a huge, or even significant age gap...especially between Selena and Kendall. They are not "kids", in fact Kendall is legally in all aspects an adult like Sel. Just because they are younger, and its not in the public eye, does not mean that they can not, and are not, a bad influence.

nonmember avatar Sofia

Team Selena of course!

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