Kristen Stewart's Rumored New Fling Must Mean She's Over Rob for Good

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Kristen StewartWell? Just when we thought she and Robert Pattinson were getting ready to have the reunion of all reunions at the Cannes Film Festival, now there's a rumor going around that Kristen Stewart is dating Alicia Cargile, meaning she's officially switched teams.

According to Star magazine, KStew has been "quietly dating" this chick for a while now. Coincidentally she was the one who helped her get over Rob and move on with her life after their tragic breakup. And then I guess somewhere in between then and now, she and Alicia struck up a romance.

Okkkkkkk ...

While I wouldn't be all that surprised if Kristen swings both ways, I just don't see how her hanging out with a female friend automatically makes her a lesbian.

What woman doesn't lean on her gal pals when she's a.) trying to get through a breakup, and b.) is single and doesn't feel like turning into a hermit? Can't single people leave their homes and go out and do things with their friends without everyone assuming they're romantically involved with them?

Nobody has accused Rob of dating any of his friends post-KStew, so why should the standard be any different for her?

But let's just assume for one second that Kristen and Alicia are a couple. Huh. If that's the case, I guess we can go ahead and throw out the possibility of she and Rob renting a villa together in Cannes. It would probably be a little awkward for her to shack up with her ex-boyfriend when there's a new girlfriend in her life. The last thing she needs is to be accused of cheating all over again.

And if she really has decided that girls are her thing, she's probably thrown out the notion of ever getting back together with Rob anyway. Why else would she make such a huge life change if she were still harboring feelings for him?

Do you honestly believe Kristen is dating a woman?


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Julie Mosbrooker

No I don't believe that at all! There friends that's all. One minute she is cheating TRAMPVIRE now she's a lesbian. Get real people

Miriam Webb

Wow i hang out with my best friend all the time. That does not make me a lesbian.  So acording to stupid trash magazine and the people who belive them. If you just hang out with ytour best friend then your gay wow. That is soooooo stupid. Get a life and leave Kristen alone.

Shirley Sorrow

If I was Kristen I would sue everyone of you. I don't know Mary Fisher, but the way you flip flop around you could be ......... No, I won't insult the gay population by saying that.  They deserve more respect.  You deserve nothing!

Caryn Burton

Actually, you all led the charge in 'accusing' Rob of dating a good number of his friends after the break up.  just because they happened to be female friends is neither here nor there. Hey, if she is with Alicia, fabulous.  I really hope she finds SOMETHING to make her happy and to wake her ass up to the reality of her life and what being a grown up is, versus the spoiled brat she currently acts like. All that being said, please stop posting stories that have nothign to do with Rob on his page.  They have been broken up for almost a year and it is getting ridiculous and desperate the way that you create some link between them in every story.  Let. It. Go.

nonmember avatar Dee

What if said kristen has always been gay (as is rob pat) and they merged for a publicity stunt for teenage twilighters? Woop de woop true story but who cares. Love is love.

rusbeisi rusbeisi

cada quien hacer lo que quiera con su vida,y no creo q por que alguien este mucho tiempo con su amiga ya sea lesbiana es logico ya no se puede saludar ni tener una amistad por que ya es pareja de uno y si es asi eso no es problema de nadie.

Wileen Byroads

WHY is everyone so shocked??  He mother divorced her father and move in with her girlfriend!bad

ap58 ap58

Her fans should be happy with her new love which is Alicia

nonmember avatar mag

All "BS".I dont understand how all these rags can get away with making up lies about celebs.Unless it comes directly out of the actors mouth none of what is written is true. To all the haters of Kristen why do you even care If you hate her so much which is really stupid since your hate is all coming from all the tabloid lies you read about on these sites. You dont know the girl at all.The way it looks to me is "YOUR ALL NUTS"...Go see some of the videos from the paparazzi and see the nasty comments coming out of there mouths to get a reaction from her-I dont blame her i would give them all the finget too.

Tinnia Massey

I really don't believe that at all! Kristen is a great actress and they are just trying to crash her name that's all! don't listen to them Kristen!

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