Tori Spelling's Hospitalization Can Only Mean One Thing

Tori Spelling

Sigh. The saga continues. Though we're not sure what exactly is wrong with her, Tori Spelling has been hospitalized in the wake of the insane drama surrounding her marriage to Dean McDermott.

In case you haven't been following their new reality series, True Tori, basically she and Dean are trying to work through all of the chaos that stemmed from his supposed affair with Emily Goodhand. He's apparently addicted to sex and Tori never managed to satisfy him in that department, which is why he sought out a "warm body" elsewhere or whatever. And now they want to save their relationship, blah, blah, blah.

But there are some folks who think the whole cheating/crumbling marriage story is nothing but a bunch of bulls*&%, which Tori and Dean made up for the sake of scoring a reality TV gig.

And honestly ... it's easy to understand why that theory emerged simply by watching just a few minutes of the True Tori premiere. I mean, why would anyone want to air dirty laundry as dirty as this on TV unless they were being paid to do so? The idea of the scandal being made up or embellished (just a tad) really isn't all that far-fetched.

But now that Tori is in the hospital? Um, it's obvious that something is going on that's taking its toll on her health, whether it be stress, exhaustion, or a combination of the two. Well, that's assuming whatever is ailing her has to do with the trauma in her life right now. (I guess there's always the chance that she has a case of food poisoning or something like that.)

Then again, could the hospitalization be yet another ploy to draw more people into watching the show? Aren't you just a little bit more curious now that you know she's having a health issue?

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Hmm. This one is tough to call for sure. But something tells me even if the truth has been stretched a little for the sake of creating more drama, there's still something fishy going on in that marriage. (And that's being kind, people.)

Do you think Tori and Dean are faking this scandal?


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youth... youthfulsoul

It's not exactly airing their dirty laundry when it was already aired for them. Wouldn't you be stressed out if the whole country knew your husband strayed? 

Denise Ramey

There not faking only these two could b that stupid to put there marriage in front of everyone for money. Arson spelling would b ashamed and by the way where is Candy and all her money after all they r her grandchildren

balan... balancing-act

I've watched all their previous reality shows and set the DVR for this one. I watched the first episode last night and was overwhelmed with a dirty feeling watching this. I can't imagine why besides financial need they would put this on television. I can't decide if I'm disgusted or sad. I feel a bit duped as they filmed it to appear Tori is on her own when it's never been hidden that they have household help.

Shandi80 Shandi80

She has a new show coming out on ABC family in June. It looks awful. Maybe this was to get her relevant again. Either way I think it's a pretty crappy thing to do to their kids. They're the innocent ones in all of this. 

Rochelle Allgire

The speculations are ridiculous. Do I believe he cheated? Yes. I don't think it's made up. And no, no one tells their story without being paid. Of course they're being paid to tell their story. But it doesn't mean that they made it up. 

there... theresaphilly

That's Karma kicking her ass fucking hard! Dean is only doing to her, what she and Dean the dummy did to his wife and other children. I tellya, that KARMA is a beyotch. Suck it up Buttercup.

missy... missybest

They are both very sad people.  Can you imagine that the only way you have to make money is by being a reality show personality?  What a mess - how sad!  I pity them and I pity their children.

missy... missybest

Wow, theresaphilly - Can you be any more crass?  Ever hear of adding some class to your life?  And you criticize them -or anyone? 

nonmember avatar Sunshine

Missybest wake up and smell the coffee!!!

Theresaphilly said it best.... KARMA IS A BEYOTCH!

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