Cameron Diaz Takes Advantage of Kate Upton While She's Sleeping (PHOTO)

cameron diaz kate uptonOh, Cameron Diaz, you are such a prankster! The star of The Other Woman (who recently made headlines for insulting women trying to conceive ) recently engaged in some very fraternity-like behavior with her co-stars Leslie Mann and Kate Upton.

While the trio was on a flight together, 21-year-old Upton fell asleep and it was then that Diaz decided to get a laugh at the supermodel's expense.

Just take a look at what she did to her:

cameron diaz mustache kate upton

She drew a mustache and beard on the unsuspecting actress, but Diaz says she immediately felt bad afterward and decided she and Mann had to draw 'staches on themselves before they could snap photos.

Diaz even cleaned off Upton's face before she woke up and even know what happened. Kind of defeats the purpose of the prank. George Clooney never would have done that.

But you can be sure Upton knows now -- Seth Myers shared the pics with the whole world on his show during an interview with Diaz and Mann. You can see more here ...


Do you think they should have completed the prank and left the mustache on Upton?


Image via Late Night With Seth Meyers/YouTube



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TheSi... TheSilence

Lmao they look like they would be a lot of fun!

On a side note, your snide comment about Cameron somehow insulting the female population with her comment is ridiculous. The Stir needs to get over it because it wasn't in any way insulting to anyone.

caleb... calebsmama12312

I can't believe kate upton is only 21! She's beautiful but I honestly thought she was older than that.

kayba... kaybayblee3

I agree TheSilence. It just makes her look more and more immature for making a something out of nothing.

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