Human Barbie's Latest Video Shows Just How Sad Her Life Really Is (WATCH)

Human BarbieHuman Barbie. Don't even get me started. OK, get me started. Valeria Lukyanova is a 28-year-old Ukrainian model whose claim to fame is resembling a real-life Barbie doll. She's got the super slender limbs, the itty-bitty waist, shiny blonde hair, and of course a beautiful, giant pair of ... eyes. OK, her boobs are pretty great too.

Yet even with all of this idealized "beauty" in human form ... it's off-putting. And by off-putting, I mean kinda gross. There is just something so wrong about Barbie's proportions being life-sized. Of course there have been ample rumors that she's had a lot of help not just from plastic surgery but also the magic of PhotoShop, so Valeria put out a video this week showing herself in action.

I'm thinking the idea here is to dispell any rumors that the human doll creature person alters her photos in any way, but the whole thing is just sad. Not only is she slightly alien-looking (Barbie's proportions only work for her because she's less than a foot tall -- the exagerated features don't register as odd to our brains), but the way it's shot makes me feel so sad for Valeria.

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She has a beautiful face and seemingly flawless skin, and that hair! Amazing. Aside from wearing waaaaay too much makeup and having had too much lipo and probably a rib or two removed (speculation only, but I wouldn't be surprised), she's a beautiful woman.

A beautiful woman who is so insecure that she feels the need to make herself up like a plastic doll and promote the image. And there's something even sadder about all of this in the video she put together and posted. See if you notice.

It looks like she selfied the entire thing. Did she not have one friend that could hold her camera and capture her frolicking around in the waves, or going for a run with palm trees as a backdrop? And what's with all the selfie in the mirror video shots? Why doesn't she want us to see her bending and flexing? Is she trying to make her body as stiff as plastic like Barbie's too?

Ugh, I just don't get it. All I want to do is give her a hug, tell her she's pretty, and feed her a sammich.

Did you think the video was totally weird or is it just me?


Image via Barbie Style/YouTube

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Allison Schmidt

She probably drove all of her friends away with her obsession 

purra... purracious

Its confirmed she had to have ribs removed to achieve the barbie look. Its sad, really. Someone get her some help instead of just gawking at her.

Jozemom Jozemom

I really worry about a girl like this. What a horrible waste of a life. I have no qualms about girls wanting to be pretty, who doesn't feel good with a new hair cut or after perfecting the smoky eye look, but beauty for most is just a fun little pass time that's like a cherry on top of an already fulfilling life. When beauty becomes your life you begin to set yourself up for failure. The average woman knows that as her looks fade she still has loved ones who care about her, girlfriends she can laugh about wrinkles and stretch marks with, a partner who will tell her she'll always be the prettiest girl in the world. But this poor girl, as her looks fade all the people who have been with her, reaping the benefits of her success, will also fade away.

nonmember avatar rachel

Wow all of my pix and vids are self done too. Thank you for showing me how lonely and pathetic I must be for simply being my own camera man. Lay off the girl. If she wants to be like Barbie how exactly does it affect you? Are YOU so pathetic in your own lives that you have to scrutinize every choice she makes? Cuz I'm sure you're all so full of self esteem right?

eckie... eckielady

My heart breaks for this girl. It really does!!

Felecia Buchanan

She's just creepy. She made a comment a while back that she was ''transending'' and soon would be able to live on air and sunshine. She's drank the koolaid.

Zombi... ZombieMommy2014

She uses her image to promote her spirituality. She's incredibly intelligent, I've watched a few of her videos. Some people can be incredibly catty and judgmental, one video and people think they have her figured out. Not at all the case. She's peculiar, yes, but she has this self image for a reason.

nonmember avatar Adrienne

The author of this post sounds really fucking jealous. If it's not your life you should stay out of it. Or are you still in high school?

Kember Lee

The air and sunshine statement was made during a news interview she had done. When asked what her day consists of step-by-step. She stated; "I sleep as much as I can because it's very healthy to get as much sleep as you can. I get up and do my beauty treatments to my skin and face. Then I meditate until it's time for my man to come home and I cook him a wonderful dinner, and meditate for the rest of the night with him." Two things I perceived out of the whole thing was..1 She doesn't freakin eat, hence the air and sunshine statement and meditating. 2 It's a known fact that her "man" is a very rich Muslim. Oh and she even said that the government has been watching him and her, so he doesn't like her to go out. "He's very protective" That girl has more to worry about then just her looks me thinks.

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