Lea Michele & Naya Rivera's Icy Feud Leads to Altercation on 'Glee' Set

Glee Rachel and SantanaApparently the cat fighting on Glee between Rachel Berry and Santana Lopez extends beyond the characters' skirmish over who's the bigger star. In what seems to be a case life imitating art, there are reports that Lea Michele and Naya Rivera also have somewhat of an icy relationship on set.

According to Us Weekly, the two actresses even got into a "major altercation" while filming earlier this month. No word on what that incident consisted of, but I'm willing to bet it wasn't one of their famed sing-offs in the choir room.

A source told the mag, "They're always icy to each other ... Naya is jealous that Lea is the show's main star … There is a lot of sighing and eye-rolling between them." 

Another person confirmed, saying, "They talk behind each other's backs -- a lot."

Ladies, ladies! You're both pretty, mmmkay? And amazingly talented. There's plenty of room for both of you to shine.

Although it makes sense that tensions would be high, given that both women are dealing with drama in their personal lives. Lea has been having a tough year dealing with death of her long-time love Cory Monteith last summer, and just a couple of weeks ago Naya's fiance called off their engagement in a really public, embarrassing way.

I get it. Working relationships can be tough sometimes, and not everyone is going to get along. But it's not going to do anyone any good to be a diva about it. Well, in this case it might, since apparently the actresses don't have to actually act when they have a scene together. That chill is for reals.

Have you ever had a tough time getting along with a coworker?


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nonmember avatar Kate

Another Stir article without fact checking. This story came out as totally false. It was also published a few weeks ago.

nonmember avatar Bridgitte

This is obviously not true! They are best friends and have support cuz they both lost there fiance and they worked on glee together for a while. Obviously,!

nonmember avatar chuck

lea michelle is a c u n t.

nonmember avatar Gleek101

Chuck you are the cunt and you should look the meaning of the word up as you will find its does not describe lea

nonmember avatar courney

lea is the fakest thing out there no wonder cory overdosed she was probably nagging at him about how great she is

.anon... .anonymous

They both need to grow the hell up.

nonmember avatar Gleek101

Courney you are the fake one and a horrible person saying mean and nasty things.

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