Selena Gomez May Have 'Broken Up' With Jenner Girls Over Drugs

Selena GomezThe entire world has been wondering (well, maybe not the entire world, but a few nosy people here and there) why Selena Gomez went ahead and unfollowed Kendall and Kylie Jenner on Instagram and removed the pictures she had posted of them together at Coachella, taken not long before. Was it because, as rumored, Kylie somehow managed to hook up with Justin Bieber there even though he went with Selena? What the hell happened? Enquiring minds wanna know. Well, now we may have the answer, my friends, and if it's true, then I say, Good for Selena.

TMZ reports that Selena "broke up" with the Jenner girls because she feels they're "toxic" and a distraction from her music. Sources tell the site that Selena was turned off by all of the drugs and alcohol surrounding her time with the littlest Kardashians and Justin Bieber. The source even makes it sound like Selena has given Biebs the heave-ho again, but I'm not sure I believe that.

She did, however, unfollow Justin Bieber -- in fact, she unfollowed everyone. This is as totally purging as a 21-year-old gets, my friends. Total scorched Earth.

If she really did get turned off by the drug scene at Coachella, then good for Selena for sticking to her guns and removing herself from those she considers toxic. But I hope Bieber is one of them.

Odd how this comes on the heels of firing her mom too. It's like Selena is getting rid of everyone!

And if any of this is true, it's sad to hear about the Jenner girls, that they might be hanging around bad influences.

TMZ sources say Selena is going to church every day and concentrating on her career. That's definitely one way to lose "friends" in Hollywood.

What is going on with Selena?


Image via Instagram

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nonmember avatar Thisgirl

Last time I checked Selena was the one who has been to rehab for emotional problems apparently but since we don't know the truth about that I won believe she de friended them over drugs. Let's be honest Selena is in Hollywood drugs are available at parties ect.. If she can't handle that then she shouldn't be in Hollywood with little self control. Plus she isn't friends with Taylor Swift anymore .. Little miss innocent so I highly doubt it has to do with drugs.

Kazoo22 Kazoo22

Blah blah blah

nonmember avatar DarlenaCarter

See what jealousy does well at lease now all those Kardashains don't have to befriend you lol U go Jenner Girls We just love your family Awesome!!!!

nonmember avatar Daisy

talented vs the non talented

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