Amber Portwood Shares a Pic of Every Mom's Favorite Thing (PHOTO)

Amber PortwoodAmber Portwood has been busy in the Twitterverse ever since finally joining the social media site last month. She's been staying mostly out of trouble, even playing nice with rumored frenemy and fellow Teen Mom castmate Jenelle Evans!

A quick perusal of the reality star's Twitter feed reveals a reformed mama who is grateful for her fans, loves her baby daddy's banana bread, and sometimes suffers from insomnia. Hey, it's understandable, the lady has a lot on her plate -- recovery from addiction isn't an easy process.

But my favorite posts from Amber are the ones of her "booboo," her 5-year-old daughter with ex-fiance Gary Shirley. She posted one Thursday night that's every mom's favorite thing -- a sleeping child.

Awww! She is so stinkin' cute! I can't decide if she looks more like Amber or Gary, but she definitely has features of both.

What's really great about this photo though is that it shows that Gary's making good on his promise to let Amber have overnight visits with their daughter. He has had full custody of her since 2011, when Amber was in the throes of battling her drug addiction and anger management issues. Then there was that 17-month prison stay, which obviously affected her ability to be a present mother.

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But Amber seems to be doing great these days and is working toward gaining joint custody of Leah. Gary has been understandably wary about that, but it looks like he's doing what's best for Leah and giving Amber a chance to prove herself.

Co-parenting can be tough, but it seems like Amber and Gary are doing their best to work it out for Leah's sake.

Do you think it's in Leah's best interest for Gary and Amber to share custody?


Images via Amber Portwood/Twitter

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Mrs.B... Mrs.Bolin

Yes! When she shows that she is stable enough than she they should share custody. She is doing her very best and I keep that mama in my prayers. 

Kathy Burger

We all make mistakes and i she needs her Daughter i love it never give up Amber praying for you

Pat Brown

She's been out since November 2013, over five months now. Is she in school did she get a job? I would say no to both, she is the same Amber she was a year ago. Not expecting any big miracles here from either her or Gary! Hope Leah is able to overcome her two dysfunctional mentally ill parents!

Amy Hyland

It's good that amber is clean and sober now and that she updates her fans on twitter about Leah and such but how is school going for her?? Did she sign up yet?? What classes is she taking?? And is she still trying to put together that rehabilitation program she was telling dr phil about on his show?? These are the types of things that she should also be updating her fans on, I go on her twitter account sometimes and never see any type of mention about school or anything....

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