Justin Bieber Acts Outrageously After Being Detained at Airport (VIDEO)


Justin BieberMore trouble for Justin Bieber. The Biebs was grilled by customs officials for five hours at a Los Angeles airport yesterday -- and can we talk about the pants?! The official reason that Justin was interrogated is that it's standard procedure for anyone who is involved in this many legal kerfuffles, but I think it's because of the pants. I think it's probably in the official TSA handbook: Anyone wearing the waist of their pants around their knees needs to be brought into an interrogation room so we can laugh at them.

Once Justin was finally released from custody, he was humbled and thankful to be let go and eager to show some respect for the authorities and his waiting fans by -- no, of course that's not what happened. He came out, grabbed his crotch, and stuck his tongue out. Because we don't know why. Because those pants. They are so low he is at risk of tripping over them and breaking his ankle. Maybe Justin is jealous of all the attention Miley Cyrus' tongue is getting.

Check out the video of Justin leaving the airport:

Justin's posture is just terrible. Stop slouching! How about the guy who asks him what he'll do without sizzurp? (They've stopped making it! Gasp!) Then someone else yells out, "Drake is more talented than you are!" Yeah, you can kinda see why these celebs go nutty after awhile.

But there's really no excuse for those pants. Many have noted over the years that sagging pants was a style first started in prison and the lower the pants, the more up for some "prison fun" you were. This is a great story but apparently not true. I wish it were.

What do you think of Justin's style?


Image via Splash News

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Angie Eads

Maybe the US will smarten up and not let him back into the country. 

sterl... sterling21

Is this how he always leaves the airport, I agree being grabbed, photographed, screamed at and hassled would cause a person to go crazy. He is only 20, he has only been in show biz for five years and he has friends that are as dumb as him. I am not a fan, but I do feel sorry his life is out of control. Where are his parents? Where is his mentor Usher? Hollywood is gobbling him up and spitting him out.

nonmember avatar Jane

What a joke! How can he wear his pants so low without tripping? If he only knew how STUPID he looked! He wants to be treated as an adult but still acts so childish!

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