Robert Pattinson's Big Plan for Kristen Stewart Could Be the Last Straw

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Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

Ha! I knew it! I knew there was a good reason why he's embracing the single life right now. Get this one, apparently Robert Pattinson wants to rent a villa with Kristen Stewart for the Cannes Film Festival, you know -- so they can make up for lost time and fall in love all over again. (Or whatever.)

Wait ... that's not all.

The source who claims Rob wants to shack up with KStew in France also says, "Rob is still carrying a torch for Kristen; he loves her deeply and wants some intimate alone time together."

He's "still carrying a torch" for her ... huh?

Duh. Like we didn't know that already.

Why the heck else isn't Rob moving on with another woman if he isn't still all hung up on KStew? Most dudes aren't at all hesitant about getting back in the game after being in a serious relationship for a long period of time. Rob must still be hoping he and Kristen can patch things up if he hasn't dated anyone as of yet.

And as I've said before, what better place for them to give things one last shot than Cannes? Even though they'll still be surrounded by plenty of Hollywood types, they'll be away from the hustle and bustle of L.A., so it's the perfect opportunity for them to score some downtime and see where their relationship is headed. (If anywhere.)

As for them renting a villa together? Why the hell not? They can certainly afford it, and it will offer them a lot more privacy than a hotel. Plus, if things don't quite go as well as they're expecting, at least they'll have the option of sleeping in separate bedrooms. (It's always best to be prepared for any outcome in a situation like this.)

Do you think being in Cannes will bring Rob and Kristen back together for good?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar jules

Who knows with these two

nonmember avatar jules

Who knows with these two

nonmember avatar Robyn

I am constantly bemused by your continual bull about this couple. They've been broken up for a year, are never together. They've moved on, why can't ridiculous writers like you move on?

nonmember avatar Stupid fans

To the ones that says they've moved on. Are you friends with them or what? We don't know a shit what's going between them. Remember that this happened too after months of silence We don't know anything about their relationship until they start dating others public.

nonmember avatar KCRey1213

This is an old story. Same bull, different year. They said the exact same thing in 2011, didn't happen. Said it again in 2012, didnt happen. Said the exact same thing last year, they didn't go, didn't happen. Same sh*t. She in an open lesbian relationship and the reason we don't see him out with some silly girl is probably because he's gay, too. They played the part of double beards to great effect. They deserve Oscars for bearding.

nonmember avatar Bonnie sears

I hope they get to spend some time together. Even if it is to say good by you will both

Always have twilight and still be good friends

nonmember avatar Roycie

I really hope so.

nonmember avatar angie

Both single. If they want to hook up occassionally why not? Certaintly make a better couple than some of the recent girls he is supposedly connecting with. Probably not going to happen. Paps will drive them crazy. I am not a Katy fan. I think she just uses Rob as a crying post and manipulated him into breaking up with Kris in the first place.

nonmember avatar jen

Rob is so done with her!When is all this BS going to stop! Rob is in a good place right now.So happy for him

nonmember avatar nicola

PLease Let Rob be he.He dumped her a year ago.I am now waiting to see him with a new girl

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