Wild Miley Cyrus Has Dolly Parton Hoping the Madness Stops


miley cyrusWe can all say whatever we want about Miley Cyrus -- including criticisms and praise -- and plenty has been said. But let's take a moment to remember that she is someone's daughter. Imagine how it must feel to be her mother or father and to hear the things that have been said. Now I get that no one wants to imagine that they are Billy Ray Cyrus (unless we're focusing purely on those mullet days because those were fantastic), but yes, I am going to go there and say I sometimes feel bad for Miss Miley Cyrus. And someone who has always come to her defense is her godmother Dolly Parton.

But thinly veiled in between praise for all that Miley has done is some words of caution from Dolly. Some very unexpected words coming from a gal who starred in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

First, let me make sure that everyone understands that I love Dolly Parton. I used to play Nine to Five (a reenactment game my friends and I made up when we were kids based on the movie) and I was Dora Lee. I love her music, her incredible style, and all that makes Dolly Dolly. I appreciate the wild, weird, and wonderful. Normcore isn't my thing. But I'd still sort of freak out over Miley's antics if she were my goddaughter. And Dolly admits that she has had moments of worry.

Dolly wrote about Miley for Time's 100 Most Influential People list (Beyonce made the cover) and said:

If I didn't know how smart and talented Miley is, I might worry about her. But I've watched her grow up. So I don't. She knows what she's doing. She was very proud of the work she did as Hannah Montana, but people were gonna leave her there forever. And she was just smotherin' and chokin' in it. So she felt she had to do something completely drastic.

Dolly admits that the "something" that Miley does is drastic. And she adds, "She made her point, she made her mark, and more power to her. So I'm hoping that now she can relax and show people how talented she really is. 'Cause the girl can write. The girl can sing. The girl is smart. And she doesn't have to be so drastic."

That "drastic" word just hangs there. It's loud. And coming from Dolly, Miley's own godmother, that's a big statement. It says tone it down, Miley. Or maybe she's giving us a little preview into what's to come. Will Miley go the way of normcore? I really hope not because if someone wants to go around grinding in flesh-colored underthings with tongue wagging all the time, then more power to them. Like Dolly says, "I will respect her choices. I did it my way, so why can't she do it her way?" 

Still, drastic. Wow. Dolly's just worried that people aren't taking her goddaughter seriously. Her talent being overshadowed by those antics. Who can blame her?

What do you think of Dolly worrying about Miley? Do you think Miley has gotten too out of control for people to take her music and talent seriously?


Image via Miley Cyrus/Instagram

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nonmember avatar joyce

But bottom line Miley need not be nasty, it is not cool and as an older person, know as Dolly does, Miley will be beyond embarrassed at the stupid things she has done. I know I was embarrassed looking at movie film, Holding up a sign saying Mom I'm Not drunk, while acting all goofy. I can't imagine how ms Miley is going to feel, her nasty self for the whole world to see, and is NOT going away. Really not just Miley but so many more young stars and the things they are doing I guess thinking they are cool. JMO

nonmember avatar jennifer

I was wondering how much long it would be until The Queen of Country would say something about Miley's way of 'making her mark'. I absolutly adore Dolly Parton always have and always will (im 29 and at 4 would try to dress up like her lol id steal my grandmas bras and put baloons in them and raid her makeup and hair products until i finally got my own) i completly understand Miley wanting to get away from the Hannah Montana image but she obviously does't understand less is more. i also understand 'Artistic Expression' but damn!! humping people and objects, sticking her toung out like she's a panting bitch in heat and those nasty body suits are too much. People/fans are going to love her and her music no matter what, but come on. Next she will be rocking assless chaps and pasties with stiletto cowboy boots!

calim... calimomma707

worry about how ya'll look and stop talking crap about a person who is still clearly finding her way in the world. if you dont like to look at her clothes or her panting than stop watching it, its that simple. speaking for myself, i dont watch anything she does. my two girls did watch hanna but that was a looong time ago. ppl change and some stay the same, ppl said the same thing about Madonna when she wore her cone tittz. let the poor girl be, its her peers she is trying to impress not old ppl anyways.

Mamao... Mamaoftwins2011

Whoever writes these on here seriously just guesses what people mean, or swings it to mean what they want.

Mamao... Mamaoftwins2011

Whoever writes these on here seriously just guesses what people mean, or swings it to mean what they want.

nonmember avatar thebutlerdidit

Dolly has actually spoken on this several times, how Miley and she discussed it, and Miley explained how previous half-measures hadn't succeeded so she would need to make a drastic measure of killing off HM completely, before she could move on, unencumbered. Your interpretation isn't the intent of her words, at all. Due to the sold out dates, Live Nation is ponying up a million a night for, video records, print media demand, Miley was correct. She understands the business in ways that those who don't work in it, can't. She was right to trust those instincts, so obviously there's nothing for her to look back and feel some regret or embarrassment over. She has planned this for three years, she hired the mgmt and collaborators herself. Comparing her to yourself at her age is pointless, the life of show biz kids are more akin to an adult lifestyle than a childhood.

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