Kailyn Lowry Blames Herself for Isaac's Terrifying Health Scare

Kailyn LowryAs if Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry didn't have enough on her plate as a homeless 17-year-old with a child, drunk mother, no father, and a toxic relationship with her baby daddy, she just revealed that Isaac had some pretty serious health issues as an infant.

In her new book Pride Over Pity, the reality star wrote about her firstborn's seizures and how scary they were for her. She also sat down with OK! magazine to talk about the first time Isaac had a seizure.

"It [happened] in my lap. And that was the first time I had ever been in an ambulance in my life," Kailyn remembered. "And I just didn’t know where to go to for support because my mom has been in and out and then Jo was always at work, so I didn’t really know who I could count on to be there for me. When you have kids, they become your world. So I just felt like, was it something I did? Was it something that could have been prevented in the future? It was so hard."

Ugh, isn't that the worst part of motherhood? Not just your baby being sick, but the fear that you caused it or could have prevented it somehow?

The way Kail describes motherhood, how it just becomes your world, is spot on. I've also heard it described as watching a piece of your heart walk around outside of your body. Becoming a mother changes you in a way nothing else can. You're still you, but now you're a you that freaking made a person.

That's where the fears and insecurities come in -- if you made that teeny little person, and they get sick, does that mean you did something wrong?

Nope, not at all. Illness happens. Seizures happen. Kids get sick, and other than feeding and sheltering and supervising them, there's not a whole lot we can do to prevent it.

Thankfully Isaac grew out of his seizures and is now a healthy, rambunctious 4-year-old. Hopefully the biggest health concern Kail has these days for him is keeping the Band-Aids stocked for skinned knees.

Would you blame yourself if your baby had a seizure?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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nonmember avatar tedi

He had a seizuers, and grew out of them i understtnd thats scary. but people only make it a be deal cause shes famous. no one made a big deal that at 17 i gave birth th my son 6 weeks early. which cause hes extrem brain damge. the only part of his brain that worked was the ceribulm which tell you to sleep, eat and poop. pretty much. he never ate by mouth. he had a sergical feeding tub place in his belly. he had breathing problem and liver failuer. he hardly ever opened his eyes. never moved or cryied. had a heat problem. his condison was called anoxic ischemic encephalopathy. and doctors said hed never see age one. and he didnt. he passed in febuary. he was only tthree months old.not to be ruied but tthats something a mother is scared of never should go through but did anyone notice no. why? because im not famous.

nonmember avatar Anne

Tedi I sense you feel very alone right now. You are young and have been through something that many older couples, who have support, struggle with. I am SO very sorry that you carried your baby for 34 weeks and he was born with AHE. It is something that no precious baby and no mommy should have to endure. I hope you can find support as you walk this painful journey. God bless!

Jessyca Rich

my son has seizures. it is hard to see your kid go though that.

nonmember avatar Jan

Enough already with these old ass teens she is not the first one to become a teen mom or who had a difficult childhood . OK so her son was sick when he was a baby what about the moms who's child has a birth defect that they have deal with for the rest of their lives . enough already with this women she is no longer a teen . she is a grown women .

nonmember avatar Ashley

First of all this show is about her because she's in it. Second she was a teen mom and third it tells her life storey its about her. Yeah there are people who have it worse but the show is supposed to show young girls the challenge with being a mom. So why bash her.

nonmember avatar tiffany

Yes you do blame yourself if your child is born with medical problems my youngest who is also 4 had seizures, hearing loss, and pica I thought I did something wrong and still sometimes do, she like Isaac grew out of her seizure but is at high risk for being epileptic its scary but you get through it and become a stronger better more aware parent.

nonmember avatar Lucy

I wonder if she ever thought about whether or not the pot she smoked while she was pregnant might have played a role.

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