Tori Spelling's Cheating Scandal May Be Covering Up an Even Bigger Secret

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling's new docuseries, True Tori, follows Tori and her husband, Dean McDermott, as they try to save their marriage after Dean cheats on her. The show premiered on Tuesday, and it was gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, and fascinating. Also, it got decent ratings. Lifetime says that 1.2 million people tuned in for the premiere. But there are rumbles that the whole saga is actually ... totally bogus. And there are some compelling reasons to think this.

Jezebel writer Tracie Egan Morrissey makes a rather convincing argument as to why she thinks the entire show is faker than Kim Kardashian's booty. And I don't mean just fake in the way that most "reality" shows are -- that plotlines are conceived; scenes are re-shot and staged; and the people are manipulated or edited into being something other than what they are. I mean, we already knew this from Kristin Cavallari, right?

No, there is talk that the entire thing is fake. In other words, that Dean never even cheated on Tori -- and that the idea of a big cheating scandal was conceived and executed by Tori, Dean, Lifetime, and US Weekly (and possibly President Obama) and then put on the screen to bamboozle us all.

Here is some of Jezebel's "proof":

1. "Struggling single mom Tori." Tori appears to be struggling to take care of her four children alone, while cheating Dean is in rehab, but it's well-known that Tori has nannies.

2. Timing. Tori says Dean went to rehab right after the cheating scandal broke over Christmas, and she stated on the show she and the kids spent Christmas alone. But then how to explain the picture she posted on Instagram of the entire family -- including Dean -- on New Year's Eve together? Additionally, Dean was posting on Twitter throughout the holidays, something he couldn't have done in rehab.

3. US Weekly. Many have noted how odd it is that US Weekly is the one who broke the story that Dean cheated -- and yet also the mag that got Tori's first post-cheating interview. Wouldn't Tori hate US Weekly?

4. Emily Goodhand. That name alone makes you wonder if this is a fictional character, but many have noted how she has disappeared off the face of the planet -- and Jezebel notes it is odd she has no social media presence. Also, it's weird how Dean "seduced" Emily by showing her pics of his wife and kids and saying how much he loves Tori. What cheater does that?! But it plants sympathy for Dean.

5. Money. It's well-known that the couple are having financial difficulties and likely Tori and Dean weren't going to get another show playing the perfect family.

Well, some of this stuff does make you wonder. But I tend to be of the mind that it really did happen -- and Tori just took advantage of it. She's been on TV since she was a teen. What was she supposed to do with something so devastating to her? Not share it? As someone who wrote a book about my own horrible breakup, I get it, Tori.

Also, Dean. Why would he go along with this plot? He looks like a Grade-A asshole.

And then there are Tori and Dean themselves. I watched the premiere. Frankly, I don't think their acting skills are this good. Maybe they are. But if so, they should be doing better work. Because who knew they had it in them?

But if the show turns out to be fake, this has got to be one of the biggest scams of all time. This makes the reasons the U.S. went into Iraq look legit! Either way, all this speculation is awesome publicity for the show. (Maybe Jezebel is in cahoots with Tori?!)

For the record, Tori's publicist, Jill Fritzo, had this to say to The Stir: "The show is not fake! Yes, she is real."

You know, I have to believe. I have to believe!!!

Do you think the show is fake? Is Tori a diabolical genius?

Image via Lifetime

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happymia happymia

"This makes the reasons the U.S. went into Iraq look legit!" Funniest thing ever said by the stir! It's also probably the only true thing said by the stir

Charl... Charlyla2

Honestly, I saw a clip of the show the other night and I seriously wondered if it was fake. I won't watch the show because I could care less about these people. They just don't interest me. But the clip I saw on the news seemed very staged and unrealistic. It's OBVIOUS that this whole series is about the money, these two aren't exactly raking in the big bucks with their "talent" so I'm not convinced this show isn't one huge, staged, scripted, box of BS.

Choco... Chocodoxies

I don't really watch TV much, but if this is fake, she is not a genius. How long do you think a man is going to let his name be dragged through the mud for money before he is going to get fed up with it, realize that there is more to life than a TV show, and walk away?

berit berit

I gotta say, the same thing went through in my mind. She was very rehearsed and her responses any eye contact very, very well timed. It was an interesting premier

Kimberly Neal DelConte

Enough of the pity party. If they'll do it with you, they'll do it to you. (Dr. Phil)

kayba... kaybayblee3

I felt it was pretty staged. Maybe it was the way everyone spoke and interacted on that show.

nonmember avatar Amber

If it is staged I feel sorry for their children. What kind of parents are they to put their kids through this? Its sad enough if it actually happen but if this is fake its sad to drag the kids through this scam. So much for being role models for their children.

honey27 honey27

I kinda thought it was fake too because I doubt she takes care of her kids alone. Then in the beginning where she said don't feel sorry for me crap. Hmm really weird.

rasch... raschwittay

I certainly wouldn't go as far as saying genius.

rasch... raschwittay

And if it is fake. She should have been the one to be unfaithful. Everyone loves a slut.

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