Matt Bomer Reveals His Feelings About Being '50 Shades' Fans' Frontrunner

matt bomer details magazine may 2014Jamie Dornan may be bringing Christian Grey to the big screen in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but well before he was cast, and even for a time after (perhaps still?!), Matt Bomer was considered the obvious choice in many fans' minds. But he's only just now looking back on all the brouhaha and talking about the tremendous support for him to lock down the part.

While shooting the cover of the latest issue of Details, Bomer confessed that he actually had "no idea" why he was seen as a frontrunner ... 

Bomer elaborated:

Obviously, I'm incredibly flattered that so many people thought of me. To be honest with you, I've never read any of the books so I don't know what it was that tipped people off that way or made them think of me, but it was sort of like this really strange and interesting cloud that came in and went away I guess. I'm sure it's great though. I bet the movie is going to be amazing.

Definitely interesting to hear his take on the HUGE campaign, which probably stemmed from a fan-made faux trailer or two. (And huge is no exaggeration -- consider how there was a super-popular online petition circulating when casting was announced!) It's also sweet to hear that he's so supportive of the film.

Ultimately, though this may be disheartening for fans to hear, I get the feeling he never really wanted the role anyway ... He seems so caught off guard by all of the enthusiasm about him playing Christian Grey. But gracious and grateful for it at the same time. Which of course only serves to make us love him -- and root for him even more!

Do you still wish he had been cast?


Image via Details

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Kathy Exmeyer

Hell yes I wished he was Christain. He would be PERFECT

nonmember avatar ives

Ofc.. Matt will be forever my Christian Grey!!!!

nonmember avatar Rika

It's all good in this way. Jamie is perfect for Christian Grey and Matt is perfect for Monty Clift. Both boys are really wonderful!

nonmember avatar Allison

Matt Would Be The Perfect Christian. Not Sure I'm Gonna Even Watch The Movies Now, Jamie Doesn't Look The Part To Me What So Ever.

nonmember avatar Beido

I'm so ugly but Jamie as CG is a an offense to the fans!

Meg Mcirvin

He will always be our Christian Gray!!!! <3

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