Robert Pattinson's Mysterious Love Life Takes Another Interesting Turn

Robert PattinsonAnother day. Another dollar. Another rumor about what is really going on with Robert Pattinson's dating life, which seems to get more and more puzzling every single hour.

Seriously, I'm starting to have trouble keeping up with all of the different theories out there. First he and Kristen Stewart were reuniting in Cannes and starting their love story all over again. Then he and Katy Perry decided to have a baby together. Then he started dating Cleo Wade, who was introduced to him by Katy.

But then a source came out saying he/she supposedly saw Rob kissing Katy at Coachella. Now none of us have any idea what to believe.

Back to today's version of his relationship status. A source told E! that Rob is not dating Katy's friend Cleo -- and added that he's just as single as ever.


If that's the case, then it begs the question of WHY in the hell is Robert Pattinson still single?!?

Ok, scratch that. Maybe he isn't currently attached to anyone because he doesn't want to be.

I guess the better question is ... why is Rob not at least hooking up with someone these days? You'd think he'd have girls all over him like flies on you know what, so it shouldn't be all that difficult for him to satisfy his ... needs on any given day. (Come on. He's a dude. He HAS to be getting it somewhere.)

Unless ... no, I don't want to go there. Ok, maybe I do. What if he really is holding onto the small shred of hope that he and Kristen will wind up back together at some point in the near future? That would certainly explain why he hasn't been spotted with a woman on his arm recently.

And I guess we'll officially have our answer after the Cannes Film Festival is said and done. If spending time together in the south of France can't reignite the spark between Rob and Kristen, nothing can.

Why do you think Rob is still single?


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Evelyn Williams

At one point in time, I heard a rumor that he was going to give celibacy a go. THAT'S not a bad thing! Rumor also has it that he was going to focus on his career. That's not a bad thing either. The BAD THING IS you people won't let him live HIS life! 

The next thing we'll probably hear, is that you all have hime set up with Miss Piggy!!!  Poor Kermit, he wouldn't have a chance getting her back if that were the case.

Can you all understand how we, as fans feel that you guys are just plain ridiculous and think we're all idiots? Find an almost forgotten movie star and give them a boost in the arm. I'm sure they would appreciate the attention. Do Robert and Kristen a favor and leave them to their privacy. Together or not, that's their business, Not yours and not ours.

Teresa Campett

First Of All After All Of Robs Dating Rumors & Girls Kristen,Katy,Cleo Or Whomever Idk Who Or What To Believe Right now At This Moment But i Kno One Thing & That Is That Rob Is Still Single Bcuz he Either Chooses To Be Or He Just Doesnt Really Even Kno Exactly What he Wants Right now & I Also Think That Rob Is Very Conflicted & Confused & The Bottom Line is It Doesnt Really Even Matter Who Rob is With Or Why So All We Can Do Is Just Sit Back & Accept It & Continue To Read About All These Claims & Rumors In The Local magazines

nonmember avatar juju

ROB CAN PAY FOR IT-anonymous

nonmember avatar Juliej


nonmember avatar Conny

Rob is taking time to heal. It is overwhelming to be treated like he has been. Good on Rob. Very, very smart choice.

nonmember avatar Ara

I Dont care at all..😛

Shirley Sorrow

Mary Fischer, don't you have trouble keeping all of your stories straight???  I believe nothing that you say or write. 

Betty Hammett Denton

I think he was badly hurt the last time & it takes a long time to trust again. Rob was in love with Kristen & he trusted her. She destroyed that. I am not saying that to run Kristen down, but when she made the decision to cheat, she hurt Rob, the wife & the children even herself & for what? She does not even want the other man? If she just wanted rid of Rob, she could have split. She did not need to destroy him, but she did. She even publicly apologized for her actions.

David Flessert

I think after what ks did to him , he is going to be very careful who ever he cares about Rob is not like

other hollywood actors, he doesn't degrade women. Sleeping around is not what he does.He was raised to respect women. Useing them for ones gratification isn't in his makeup. The tabloids are

always making up stories about him , because they don't understand what a good man he is.

posted by Dawn

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