Kim Kardashian's Latest Wedding Twist Will Turn It Into a Total Circus

There's been a lot of rumors about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's upcoming wedding, and if half of them are to be believed, this should be the most ostentatious wedding since, well, Kim's last wedding! But these latest rumors really sound nutty. Just nutty enough to be true! A source told Britain's Grazia mag that Kimye are dying to replicate the kiss that the just-married royal couple, Kate William and Prince William, had on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Grazia reports that the somewhat deranged pair are looking to spend $400,000 to have a temporary balcony erected at the supposed venue of their wedding, the Chateau Louis XIV in France, so they can stand on it and kiss in front of their subjects fans friends and family.

Wouldn't it be funny if it collapsed? Just kidding. I mean, it would definitely be funny if it collapsed and no one got hurt. Well, maybe a tiny bit hurt. Like Kim had a couple of scrapes and Kanye twisted his ankle. Nothing they couldn't quickly recover from. Anyway, where was I?

Oh, right, so they want to re-create the royal couple's kiss and then presumably wave to the crowd below. And maybe Kim will say something like, "Let them eat cake!"

This is a rapper and a reality TV star ... is everyone getting this? Everyone seeing the crazy?

Additionally, rumor has it that Kim plans to wear three different dresses during the celebrations and that the wedding gown will be Givenchy. And Kanye has overseen the design. Because he's just wacky like that.

Do you believe any of this?


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nonmember avatar Kelly

Right because a man interested in fashion is obviously "wacky". This article was not only based on a weird British tabloid rumor, it's also really lame to bash on people and call it "journalism" or "writing" or whatever this is. Hello socially-accepted bullying!

nonmember avatar Sally

Kelly needs to kind of CALM DOWN.

Whatever they do, it is going to annoy 90% of us the other 10% will be enraptured.

Bah, humbug... to the whole thing.

Cheryl Greer

I can't believe people would want someone to get hurt because they can afford to have there wedding the way they want.

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