Proof Emily Maynard's Fourth Engagement May Already Be Over (PHOTO)

Emily MaynardIf I could spend all of my time figuring out why Emily Maynard can't maintain a relationship, trust me, I would. But sadly, there aren't enough hours in the day. That sounds mean, but it was meant to be nice. I literally can't understand how someone this beautiful and sweet has so much difficulty in the love department.

Rumors are now swirling that Em may be single once again thanks to a suspicious photo she posted on Instagram with the caption, "she's over it." I may or may not have screamed when I saw the photo. Don't judge me.

Take a look:

So maybe the caption is referring to her dog, but what about that little finger of hers? Where-oh-where is her engagement ring?

Apparently, she reassured fans that she had just put her ring in the cleaner before taking this picture. But WHY? She's only been engaged for a few months. Being a newly engaged girl myself, I know very well that you do not take your ring off, ESPECIALLY if you're taking a photo with your hands in clear view. That's, like, in a rule book somewhere.

I'm just not buying her excuse. Seems a little too convenient. How long does it take to clean a ring -- a minute? And in that one minute, you decided to share a photo with a caption like that? I'm on to you, Maynard.

I still don't understand how this is possible, but unfortunately, I'm starting to believe it's true.

Do you think Emily will make it down the aisle this time?


the bachelor, the bachelorette


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Lynn Scott

she must be a bitch

Sharon Callow

oh for heven sakes get over it ...her rings are being cleaned and they are still very much together and happy.mayby think about your own back yard before you hurt others ...GROW UP AND GET A LIFE  !!


nonmember avatar Dielle

Goodness sakes alive. She just posted a pic about her dog. Heaven forbid. She posted a pic yesterday of them picking out their wedding cake.

Sandra Kay

I don't really like the do-overs so I just hope she doesn't go back on the makes her lose something in the viewer's eyes.....

Michele Dallas

If you also saw her Instagram you'd know she went cake shopping too....

youth... youthfulsoul

Serial engagee (is that even a word)

Green... Greenstone920

Uh... Who is this chick, and why should I care?

Obxls... Obxlslandmom

Easy now - I totally believe she was cleaning it. My uncle is a jeweler that designed and made my rings. He has always told me with any of my jewelry to take it off when I get home and def before doing any dishes and stuff. Cut her some slack she is human and it isn't tabo to remove your wedding ring to make is sparkle :)

Roberta Howard

i don't care... She is not someone I care about.


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